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Thirsty Thursday… or, How To Not Be A Sad Panda!

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Once again we dive into the internet and slosh around with the crazies and nut-bags that make this world an interesting place to avoid.

First on our plate, we are looking at an “Ex-Cop” who was brought down by the feds, because, for some reason, local law enforcement agencies are incapable of doing an investigation where the suspect is on their force.

Former Florida Police Sergeant Gets 36 Months For Sex Crimes Against 3 Women

Next, we stayed on the subject of “Pervy Policemen” with a story that sounds like a Florida deal, but comes to us via California! Will wonders never cease!

California cop busted for masturbating in home during disturbance call: Report

It’s about time for some of these other countries quit acting like it’s up to their children to complete their lives after they are grown, and out of the house! This is India, so they might get the money!

‘Mental torture’: Couple suing son for $650,000 for not giving them grandchild

Speaking of kids, some people should not have them! This woman needs to be X!%>* across the !^$#^%(/! If you have weapons in a house with children, keep them secure!!!

Gun in 8-year-old’s backpack goes off at school, mom charged

When you are trying to “Get Over” on people by trying to pretend you are the police, well don’t act surprised when your plan suddenly involves “Real Police”!

Men impersonated cops while robbing Tampa Bay area drug dealers, feds say

I am honestly still shaking my head about this one.

Molino Woman Delivered Cash To Domino’s Pizza, Now She’s Facing Charges, ECSO Says

I guess a guy can’t even stop to help someone anymore. Poor Guy!!

Police: Kentucky man stranded on side of road pulled out shotgun, killed firefighter who stopped to help

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