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Same Ole Story

This week we continue our journey back to the realm of the normal with an attempt at some old style HHNT format. We start with our favorite bit on the creature known as “Florida Man”.

This week a man is arrested for hi-jinks iinvolving running around naked, making bird noises, and biting a police dogs ear. There was also some shallow water frolicking. Read more HERE

We did a little reminiscing about about youthful experiments that led to thinking about new adventures to come. Make sure you let us know your opinion about on psychedelic roller coasting in the comments.

We move on to a bad cop story that is truly a horrible story about how some people feel that they are not answerable to anybody. This one needs to be read and talked about. Check it HERE

We then move directly to the complete opposite behavior with a story about how the job brings out the absolute best selfless action to save lives and serve their communities with class and bravery. This is a the kind of action that is good for the moral picture we get of our police. This link has video HERE

Then a story about a poor guy who decided to slap his junk in public and was described as “A fat man with a small penis” —Then the rant ensues—LINK

We close it up with a good old fashion BS session.

Stay Safe and don’t get any on ya!


Are We Normal Yet?


So this week we try to get back to the basic show format, and try to have some fun with the usual cast of characters. Dana was in the studio this week, and Florida Man is Back.

We share a story about a member of the “Incel” movement who had a wee mishap when preparing a suprise for his favorite cheerleader. Check it out HERE

Shanty tells us of a poor guy who had the ultimate bad day when he visited his local hot dog stand in Chicago. OOPS

Shoebe gives us his Dumb Fuck of the Week report about a real winner who likes to set KITTENS ON FIRE!

We also get this gem about a TSA agent who really doesn’t get what the professionalism is

We finish out the show talking about how police are trained, and the way they are de-sensitized to the act of using deadly force.

Be safe, and remember that the pandemic is not over, so use your head and protect you and yours.

The Suck Zone

This week we welcome Shantys’ storm chasing brother to the Good Idea Studios for a little banter about the weather, and a report from Minneapolis regarding the troubles they are experiencing.

Big Thanks to Shane and Tate for helping us out this week.

I’m not posting any links as the webs are already saturated with news.     PEACE!