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Season 2

So after a couple of months of self isolating we return with another season of tomfoolery and and bad behavior.

We want to welcome Screaming Chuy from the Screaming Chuy Podcast to the show this week. We are huge fans, and really dig his brand of fuckery.  His Facebook is HERE.

And his youtube HERE

Shanty starts off with a story about some first responders who liked to were busted “doin the dirty” in the ambulance and whining about it or something. He really needs to start reading these things first.

Next we look at a guy that was trying to make a video of himself pole vaulting and ended up sish-kabobing his nut sack.


Check it out HERE

We spent some time ragging on the state of legal weed and some general old fashioned bull-shitting about life in general, and in a matter of a few minutes, solved ALL of the worlds problems! Not.

Shoebee give us a story about why you should not leave your keys in the vehicle when you commit a crime.

Here’s the LINK

And finally we end with people who are looking for a little hemorrhoid relief, are turning to the internet for advice. Hilarity ensues.

You can read more HERE