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Lost Episode

This episode was recorded before the totality of Covid-19 shit-show became apparent. We were in full speculation mode.

We also announce the Shoebees’ new podcast which is called

Blood, Wrenches, and Gasoline


This week we have a Florida Woman story about a gal who tried to pack her problems away only to have them worsen. More details Here And Here


Shoebee also tells us about a bunch of wild pigs in Italy, that have a taste for the Peruvian Marching Powder. Read more Here


Our WTF story is about the fringe benefits being taken away from our fearless “Boys In Blue” in Michigan.  Check it out Here


Shanty gives us some Stupid Laws, and realizes that they are too stupid to repeat. So there.



Shoebees Half-Wit Dumb Fuck Of The Week concerns a couple over amped religious types, that are in need of a real education as to what being a human being is. Go Here

I should say that the opinions of the people here are their own, and are not endorsed by the producers, or distributors of this content.


We talk about what happens in Louisiana when you try to bail out your main squeeze with stinky money, and the cops search your car wen your not looking.  Here’s the story



And finally along with the great advice we have to offer on safe sex, Shanty Pants brings us some words of wisdom from the good people at Snapple.

As always, we wish all of you the best in your lives. Be careful as you navigate this mess we find our selves in, and don’t forget to use your noodle. Peace, Sanchez Eldorado













Don’t Panic!!

Tonight we discuss the lock-down and the whole virus thing.

We have our Florida Man and Woman who didn’t quite get the social distancing thing

Do you think she looks like Dennis Quade?

You can read more about these winners  Here

I Miss This Guy
We just don’t care.

We feature Shoebees’ H.D.F.O.T.W.(Halfwit Dumbfuck Of The Week) involving spring breakers in Florida who are only worried about having fun. More Here

Rapey McRape

Our bad cop story comes to us from Maryland, where this man sized piece of shit was charged with 11  charges, including rape.

What a waste of air. I say we don’t give him any more. Air that is. Read more Here

Michael Rivers is the kind of man we need in uniform


Cheech brings us a good cop story from North Carolina. This officer is truly setting the type of example we wish more police would attempt.

If more cops had this kind of attitude, people would be a lot more willing to help them when they needed it. This guy ROCKS!!  Read more Here

And finally, we get to  a WTF story where the cops just didn’t recognize the poor woman.

Looks Legit to me

I guess it was worth a try  More Here

Don’t forget to be kind to each other, and have a safe, socially distant week…….Sanchezzzzz

19 For Ever

This week we celebrate St Patrick’s Day! We also figured out how to count, after getting confused on our episode rotation.

Shoebee fills us in on his trip to see his neon sign buddy in Fargo.

Our “Florida Man” story is about an attention starved fella in the hospital who wanted to “Heat Things Up

Sanchez reached out to a company and offered up Shoebee as their product spokesperson. I mean it’s a no-brainer


We get a little movie trivia from the big guy setting the record straight on Val Kilmers classic “Huckleberry”  line from Tombstone

Shanty brings a bad cop story about a tragedy from Oklahoma where a simple pot bust goes horribly wrong. This has got to stop!

72 Year old grandmother killed by police

In the WTF department we hear about a pedophile priest who is “Just Fine” with being a total SKUMBAG!

We find a poor guy who’s home life is so bad, He went to extreme measures  in order to escape. Turns out He is a double poor guy when the story ends. Check it out Here

And finally, the story about the “Dirty Ducks”. It turns out our animal friends are also a bunch of pervos! Fuck Dem Ducks!

Happy St. Paddys Day! Stay Safe and keep your distance!!!




This weeks Florida man is a story about a gruesome discovery in Gainsville, where several human tongues were found stored in the crawl space of a local residence. It turns out to be less dramatic than it seemed at first glance. You can get an update of the story here

Next on the list is Shoebees’ Half Wit Dumb Fuck Of The Week!!

We discuss the antics of one Jeremy Dewitte, a Florida man (insert irony here) who has been arrested several times for posing as law enforcement and sex crimes against a minor. His antics are well documented on Youtube. You can get an idea of the story here

Our Poor Guy is a real cringer! A story about a young ma who had a bad run-in with a parked car. Check out the story here

We also did a little general rambling about podcasting in general and a little self promotion.

Our WTF story also is our Hero of the week for living his best life. GO SPENCER!!

We end with the still unbelievable fact that people won’t quit shoving things up their butts.

Have a great week and remember it doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

Good Cop In The House

This week we have deputy sheriff Matt Keesler in the Good Idea Studios. We’re talking Florida man, a bad cop story, and great cop stories from deputy Keesler. We toned it down this week but the bar is still open so kick off your shoes and join us where it’s always Happy Hr.

Our Florida man segment features a couple of highly organized fellows that were into labeling their goods.


A story about a cop who likes a nip or two. More here

The sheriff of Mercer County was cited early Friday for DUI in Bismarck after a field sobriety test showed his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit.

Also a story about a “North Dakota Woman” with a temper. See more here

A Bismarck woman is accused of threatening to shoot neighbors and cut them with a machete. Prosecutors say on Feb. 16, 53-year-old Erin Olson was pounding on her neighbors door and threatening to shoot them on the 1600 block of Capitol Way.

This weeks Poor Guy is about a small town police chief, who quits in a dramatic way. Link

I’ll gladly pay you Friday if you’ll take a hamburger today

Once again we want to send huge thanks to Matt Keesler for giving us his time.

Have a great week and stay safe out there!