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Our first story involves drugs. Prescription drugs. In fish.

Study reveals fish in Florida waters contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs

So, Mermaids …..

This next story is a perfect example of what happens when one does not do any research before sharing a story link. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to 1963!

A Man Knocked Down His Basement Wall, Discovering Ancient Underground City That Housed 20,000 People

I guess that driving is driving, but the horse DID know the way home!

Ohio deputy encounters ‘drunk Amish guy’ slumped over in moving buggy: ‘The horse knows how to get home’

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a story about a St. Pete woman who threw her bladder juice, which she saved in a  bucket, on some poor fucker! Well, this week we have ANOTHER story from Florida, involving someone who just happened to be saving his Yellow River in a BUCKET! Is this some kind of weird new Florida cult? A new health trend? Perhaps they are only lonely, and throwing piss on someone is an attempt to meet nice people. You decide.

Chiropractor arrested for throwing urine on code enforcement officer

They found a few buckets worth here.

At least this next guy didn’t use a bucket. I might be done eating out.

Police: Arby’s manager in Washington peed in milkshake mix

This next story serves as an example as to why in the country’s that have no cost health care, they see us as a cruel, and heartless society.

Shocked patient charged $40 ‘for crying’ during doctor’s appointment

Poppy Seeds.

Permits? We don’t need no stinkin pemits!!

Louisiana men who tried to illegally transport house leave trail of havoc

If you think that “Nobody knows how the dogs got into her yard” you might be from Alabama.

Woman killed by multiple dogs after they escape from neighbor’s yard, police say

And finally, this asshole is going to “Go work for the state”. Maybe he’ll get a real dangerous job, or fall down or something.

Josh Duggar sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for child pornography conviction

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