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What a shit-show! The whole week has been weird! First I got an email from a copyright troll company wanting me to “Pay Up” for an image I used for a link to a story in February, and on Thursday night, we had the band the Parishables from Pittsburgh on the podcast and everything that could go wrong did. It’s a wonder we even got it out! It was so bad, we decided to do a make-up episode on Sat. evening to make up for it. That one went much better! Our good friend Shaun Lewis stopped in for a visit and a good time was had by all.

As always, if you want to contact us our email is happyhrnews@gmail.com and you can give us a call at 701-369-0029 for voice mail or text.

Here is what is left of Thursdays show

And here is our re-do from Saturday.

This whole copyright thing has got me pretty spooked, and seeing how this website does not generate

ANY income I will be re-evaluating how to provide links for the stories we cover. For the time being I will try to get public domain images and use them. If the picture connected to the link looks strange, well just remember who put it there. Here goes nothing:

The Parishables are a 2 piece band from Pittsburgh Penn. who got on our radar from Drue Morland, a guest from the comic book release show. We had some technical difficulties but that is not reflective of their talent, or their ability to rock!!

The Parishables

We’re hoping to have them on again with a little better sound.

So, on to Saturday—-

We kicked off with a Florida couples tale of wedded bliss.

Florida newlyweds charged with domestic violence hours after wedding

This is a tragedy. What a colossal fuck up!

Teen who fell to his death from Florida tower ride identified

I’ve heard of “Pet Friendly” but this is too fucking much!

Florida Man, 20, Filmed Sexually Assaulting ‘Family Dog’ with ‘His Tongue … and Fingers’

So, you’ve had a long day, and you just need to pull over and have a little rest. I’ll bet across the street from the police station would be a nice, safe place for a nap!

Man Caught Sleeping With Gun, Heroin Outside Coconut Creek Police Station

“I have the best lawyer in town,” she said.

Intoxicated woman arrested with pants down at church in The Villages

I think this guy was projecting a little

Dog Is Dumped At North Carolina Shelter Because Owners Said It Might Be Gay

I wonder how many of those old farts got off on them. Sickened is cop-speak for high.

Jail time for South Dakota man whose marijuana brownies sickened seniors

Just imagine, a free market system where you can’t set your own price for the goods you sell, because you might not make enough profit. The HORROR!

Gas Station In Wisconsin Sued By Competitors For Selling Gas Too Cheap

I guess some jobs have better benefits than others.

Male prostitutes and porn on duty: Ex-girlfriend’s tell-all leads to PBSO deputy’s firing

Kidnapping is no joke. I’m not sure why the kidnapper let her have her phone.?

Woman arrested in Mandan kidnapping

That’s it for this week. I’m sure that the future shows will improve like wine. First you got to crush some grapes. Thursday was grapes.


Are You A Model Citizen?

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It looks like we might be getting the hang of this Live Streaming thing. We barely had any problems this week.

Our first story was about a Florida Man who just can’t seem to understand that people don’t like being shot at.

Florida Man Arrested Twice This Week After A Shooting Then Stealing His Girlfriends Dog, His Parents Arrested Only Once

Ah Florida, you never let us down. Public masturbation seems to be a very popular pastime in the Sunshine State.

Man, 27, arrested after allegedly masturbating in front of horrified Starbucks diners


You know how it is, you’ve been up for about 9 days and you score a bag of meth that looks a little sketchy. Of course the whole world seems a little sketchy at this point. What is a guy to do? Hey, the cops can test this shit. Right? Go ahead and give them a call. They’ll be glad to help a guy out.

Florida Man Calls Police To Check His Meth Is Authentic

First of all, I don’t get the whole “Collecting” thing. At least the expensive stuff. I knew a lady when I was a kid who was gaga for Elvis Presley shit. She had that crap everywhere! When she died, her family couldn’t give that shit away.

OK. I probably deserve the teasing I got when I said I wondered what kind of tattoo this knucklehead had on his dick. But come on, just look at the guy. His face screams “I’m dumb enough to do it!”

Margate Man Arrested After Exposing Himself to Woman Outside Gym, Biting Police Officer


Japan is weird. Because the men over there are turned on by school girls with pony tails, the school girls can’t have pony tails any more. Because if they got molested, it would be their fault for being too cute.

Japanese Schools Prohibit Ponytails, Stating That It “Sexually Excites” Men

We all know that Penguins are the worst animal. And they can shit 4 feet!

The explosive physics of pooping penguins: they can shoot poo over four feet

For El Gato Del Rio

Lets end with Sea Cucumbers

Be sure to head over to the Rocket 38’s YouTube page and check out their newest project







Bad Neighbors

You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com or leave a voice message/text at 701-369-0029

This week we do our 2nd official live-cast from the good idea studio with tales of wonder and amazement! No, really!

Florida Man Will Not Be Winning 2022 Neighbor Of The Year Award

Here puppy, puppy, puppy

Kentucky Woman Tries to Cheat Drug Test Using Dog Urine


What’s In The Box!?!?!

Box of human heads stolen from truck in Denver

We did this story about a rental scam and this is an updated link to that.

2nd Suspect Arrested In South Florida Real State Scam Affecting Dozens; Accomplice Remains On Loose

His Glasses Were In The Car, His Face Hit The Windshield. You Killed A Man.

Critical Ravnsborg Theory: Committee Orders Governor Not to Talk About Impeachment

I guess this pokee man thing is popular or something. I thought it was just a kids thing!

Man gets 3 years in prison for buying $57,000 Pokémon card with COVID relief loan

This is a GREAT IDEA!! Most states would try to prevent someone who had a Weed conviction from even being able to use it medically!

First retail cannabis licenses in NY will go to people with marijuana-related convictions

Just a little correction, the Mayor of New York City is Eric Adams. And Eric Adams is correct to be outraged about the way this “Shit” was handled!

Adams Responds to Release of Alleged Subway Feces-Smearer as Outrage Mounts


This guy put the “Permanent” in “Kaiser Permanente”

Construction Crew Finds Mummified Body In Former Convention Center’s Walls

That’s it for this week, next week will be smoother…maybe.


Psychic Policing

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This week we did our first “Live Cast” and full episode video. We had a few hiccups, but no really loud burps. I think. It was a lot of fun having Carrie Pants and seeing real time feedback from our veritable sea of fans. Possibly the Dead Sea, I don’t know. Anyway, here we go.

Our first story comes to us from Florida. It seems that if you win a huge lottery payout in Fla. you can’t just collect it anonymously. Seems to me that telling the whole world you have just received 30 million dollars is not a good idea. Well, Florida.

Florida woman who killed lottery winner backs keeping names secret

This next story shows how a degenerate, no-necked dirt-bag who can’t get laid because he looks like a villain from a Lord Of The Rings movie tries to use his position to blackmail patients into sex acts with threats.

Clinic worker threatened patient with failed drug test, tried to extort her for sex act, police say

Imagine that you are a single man who meets a mysterious, dark haired woman who wants you to “Come over to her place”. Sounds pretty good right? Well not for this guy.

GRAPHIC: Discovery of severed head leads to arrest of woman in grisly Wisconsin killing, police say

If you have seen the movie “Minority Report”, you know about the whole plot surrounds the theory of “Pre-Crime”. Well some law enforcement agencies are using crime statistics to justify harassing  individuals and their families, under the premise of the likelihood that these people are the most likely to re-offend. It turns out that they just want to drive them out of their jurisdiction.

‘Your rights will get you dead and arrested’: Pasco woman sues Sheriff’s Office saying it violated rights with ‘predictive policing’

Things got a little mixed up with the story time-line and we touched on this little gem. I wonder what they called this condition 100 years ago?

Mom raises awareness after son is diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome

This story is as sad as any. Killed over texting at a movie.

Retired Florida Cop Who Fatally Shot Popcorn-Throwing Man In Movie Theater Acquitted

The lunches at Loyola University must be really good!

Loyola student robbed Metra conductor at gunpoint to get lunch money, defense attorney says

This story is like the anti-urban legend. In north dakota we don’t really have an “Urban Area”. We do have have legends, and rumors of legends. And no shortage of colorful characters. It seems that this character herd one of those.

Linton man faces felony charges after deputies say he cut open motel walls in quest for money

I think that someone does not like these people very much.

Poop left behind in Fort Myers mobile home after break-in

It’s a stories headline that gets your interest, but the article itself that gives you the facts. But I wonder if this cop just used the popping noise thing as an excuse to shoot. I might.

Florida man breaks beer bottle over his head, gets shot by deputy who thought sound was gunshot

I think that if the shoes wouldn’t stay on, just leave them off.

Nob Hill Academy employee fired after taping 2-year-old’s shoes to his ankles

Here is the  music we had queued up as a tribute to Shanty’s dad Vicente that didn’t play.

Tales of Shock and Horror

Check It Out Here

You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com  or leave a message/text at 701-369-0029

Last week we embarked on a new chapter of our podcast, and will be changing the way we do things going into the future. We will be “Livecasting” on YouTube Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM mountain time, and episodes will be available on our YouTube channel for replay whenever you want. We will have live commenting available, and you can even give us a call if you want. On Tuesday, we visited with a group of guys who do the 2G1C podcast to spread some light on their comic book release “Tales Of Shock And Terror!”. It was great fun, and got some insight on how a comic book startup goes. There is a link at the top of the page to the comic book page, and you can check out 2G1C HERE

On Thursday, we did a short program to inform our 2’s and 2’s of fans about our Livecasting plan, and to try and shake out any production issues we may be having. I was attending remotely, and my audio was pretty shitty. Here’s some links.

Story the 1’st   This Florida pair just need to find a better way of making a living!!


Florida Man And Woman Caught By Drone After Stealing Car Loaded With Stolen Goods From Walmart

So, we are supposed to respect, and trust the men and women of law enforcement, because, none of them would ever do anything sketchy, right? Right. At least he could have bought his own weed!

A Texas Cop Got Caught Vaping Confiscated Weed on His Own Dashcam

This next story has me scratching my head. Why didn’t the woman who walked away from the car not remember that she had somebody in the car with her? And why did it take that long to find her? What did she drink? Didn’t the tow truck driver even look into the car? Something stinks here, and it’s not the back seat of that car!

Missing disabled Kent woman found safe after spending 9 days inside vehicle

What The Fuck?!?!? I mean WTF!!!

A 4-year-old in Utah opened fire on police officers after his father told him to during his arrest, police said

So we are evolving. We hope you stick around for the new ride, as it’s alot more fun when we get other peoples input. So we’ll Cee You Next Thursday!