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He Was Naked, Swingen His Undies!

This week we cover stories from Florida to our own North Dakota coming to you from the Good Idea Studio.

We start with a Florida Man story of a fellow who just wants to report a drunk driver.

Florida man calls 911 to report himself drunk driving

We move north to our fair state where a visiting Florida Woman  decided to “Stop In” to a Minot buisness to file a complaint.

Florida woman charged after allegedly crashing into Minot business, fleeing scene

We stay local with this next story about a creepy bad cop who was collecting evidence for personal use. As an update to this story, dirtbag here was arrested and got a $5,000 bond.

Mandan officer accused of recording minor in bathroom

On to Bismarck, where we find the tale of a woman scorned. The fury ran deep in this one.

Woman accused of breaking-in, hiding in car and stabbing 30-year-old

For our poor guy segment, we bring the story of an over reacting cop who needs some training on how to handle a child! Youtube link HERE

8-year-old’s arrest at Florida school seen on body cam video

Next back up to South Dakota for an update on the recent constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis. The people spoke.

South Dakota recreational pot amendment challenged

We move to Arkansas where the cops can go to the wrong house, shoot your dog, and tell you to fuck right off.

UPDATE: Faulkner County Sheriff makes statement regarding dog shooting incident

Lets go back to Florida where people really like to do their shit naked.

Naked man out for bike ride buys skimpy undies, parades around without them

So we get to our funky facts segment where we learn about the science of stress relief to treat hysteria in women. Here is an extra LINK about the movie.

Vibrators were invented by 19th-century doctors whose hands got sore while treating “hysteria” in women.

So, there ya go. Another week in Paradise. Don’t forget that you can call and leave your thoughts @ 701-369-0029.  We want to wish everybody a safe Thanksgiving, and do whatever it takes to protect yourself from getting ill.     PEACE!


this weeks news is a veritable spoogefest of Florida stories.

First we start off with one about a roadside drug test gone wrong.

Florida man gets $37,500 after officer thought doughnut glaze was meth

Next is a story about a guy who is 1% better than everybody else in Florida.

Florida man becomes first person with Down syndrome to complete Ironman triathlon

Then we make a quick trip to Illinois to hear about a dishonest Abe type.

Abe Lincoln Reenactor Busted For Child Porn

Next, we skip over to Georgia, for the first of a couple of very dark, sad stories concerning child abuse.

Lice infestation linked to girl’s death; parents charged

Now we check in with an old friend who just can’t stop flicken da bean in public! You can check out our 1st story HERE



Florida woman busted for “self care” outside 7-eleven caught “committing” same offense outside Popeyes

So we get to story 2 of our pair of really bad stories. This is really bad.

Baby on Life Support After Being Found With Injection Marks, Testing Positive for Heroin

So I geusse threr were 3 shitty stories to pass on. This one from Florida.

Florida woman killed after searching Google for restraining order, boyfriend charged

While we were reading this story,Shanty was looking at a story on the side of the page. Guess where this story happened.

Pensacola police: Father shoots son outside Cordova Mall on Thursday night

That brings us to the weird fact segment about saving a lock of your true loves hair.

It was common for 19th-century Victorian men to fashion clippings of their lover’s pubic hair into jewelry and wear them as hat ornaments or souvenirs.

So ends another week. Please remember that the Corona Virus does not care about your rights, beliefs, or political slant. It only wants to reproduce by getting into your lungs. So get out there and stay away from each other.  PEACE!

Eff Politics In General

So, we recorded this a few days after election day, and shit was still up in the air about a winner. We normally steer clear of most political topics, (unless there is something really funny or heinous about it) we touched upon a few topics that were floating around in the air. But mostly we drank whiskey, and talked shit about the usual suspects. Also, we secured a telephone number that our listeners can leave feedback on

701-369-0029   Call it and be famous!


Of course, we start with Florida Man! This is a story about a guy who shot his wife through a closed door because he “thought he heard an intruder”. It is florida and was determined to be an “accident”

Florida Man, Thinking He Hears a Home Intruder, Shoots and Kills His Pregnant Wife

We stick around in Florida for this story about a woman who really wanted her money back!

Woman Robs Store After Being Denied A Refund

We would like to congratulate the folks who managed to get some sanity in their states regarding Cannabis laws.

Arizona, New Jersey, Montana, and South Dakota all voted for sanity. Well Done!

Next we follow up on a story we did a couple of weeks ago regarding the attorney general of South Dakota, who struck and killed a pedestrian while en-route home from a party, and reported that “He thought he hit something” but wasn’t sure what it was.

Why doesn’t this picture have a booking number under it?

We head down to Wyoming for a story involving chickens and boiling hot pools of water. Seems like this kind of thing should have happened a long time ago.

Man busted for cooking chickens in hot spring.

We would also like to touch upon a side project that we have been asked to participate in called The Foundry Show. Here is a link to their live Halloween show.

We will give more details as things progress.

Speaking of great music, the awesome band, and friends of the podcast, El Gato Del Rio, sent us a BUTTLOAD of swag! Be sure to check them out at https://elgatodelrio.com/ or where ever you get your music.

Much Thanks to El Gato Del Rio!

Back to Florida. So what do you when you buy illegal drugs and they don’t meet your standards? well you call the cops! At least that’s what this brain trust drop out did.

Cops: Woman Turned Over Bag Of “Junk” Meth

And just because —

Another result of the recent elections was a vote in Oregon to decrimanalize “hard drugs”, and treat use as a health problem instead of a crime.

Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize hard drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Of course these stories led to some discussion about the election. That’s all I have to say.

Lets go to a fucked up fact you might not have learned in school

Vlad the Implaler
King Goujian of Yue


So, finally we get to a Poor Guy who was lucky enough to win a seat on the North Dakota Legislature, but is too dead to take the position.


North Dakota Republican who died of Covid-19 wins seat in state legislature

That’s it for this week, don’t forget that we have a way for you to reach out to us with your opinion at 701-369-0029. So give us a ring and put your 2 cents in.  PEACE!

Greetings From The New Diggs

We Are Back!  This weeks show comes to you from the NEW Good Idea Studio! We missed a week, and are ready to create some brand new Fuckery for your enjoyment. We all hope that you had a good Halloween, and are ready to move into the “Hollliday Season” .

This week we have some pretty dark shit, so lets do this thing.

Our first story is about a Florida Man who wanted to “Pet The Kitty” and the “Kitty” was a fucking leopard! What could possibly go wrong?

Man mauled by leopard behind Davie home; animal’s owner charged

As for the monkey video, well here ya go

Our next story still has me fired up. If this were done by any other group, it would be seen as a serious crime, with many charges filed, and several arrests made. But because the thugs who committed this heinous act wore a special costume, it will never be be prosecuted.

Video surfaces showing Philadelphia police bashing SUV windows, then beating driver while child was in backseat

The icing on the cake was what said thugs did after they attacked this family!

So we move from bad behavior, to weird behavior. Shanty Pants tells us about the phenomena of dipping ones testicles in soy sauce because TikTok. May I recommend using a Testacuzzi?

Testicle Soup Anyone?


From nut soaking to chicken fucking, we bring you the stories you didn’t know you needed!

Man Jailed After Having Sex with Chickens

So back to Florida we go for a Michigan Man story. Evidently Florida really does some strange things to the thinking. Or maybe it’s the booze.

Cops cuff man mid-stream for peeing on police car in Florida

So one nut-bag story leads to another and this guy takes the cake!

Man drinks seven pints of his own urine a day

We get to another chicken related story, this time about a police official being killed by a rooster during a raid on a cock fighting crime.

Police official killed by rooster’s blade while investigating illegal cockfighting event

To continue our chicken and testicle festival we bring you a story from Oklahoma about a discount gender re-assignment surgery gone wrong. Hmm, I guess the old saying is true, if it seems too good to be true, well you know. I see a GiG product associated with this soon.

Sheriff: ‘Cannibals’ lured victim to cabin in Oklahoma woods, performed illegal castration

Of course that story got us talking about what drives people to do such things and then the next story came up. I believe that there is no punishment harsh enough for the actions of these dirt bags.

Police: Connecticut man forced child to kneel on tacks, drink hot sauce until he vomited


Next we finish up with our series on historical facts you might not have heard yet. Dogs with bombs.

So the last couple of weeks have been busy, and we’re glad to be up and running again. A HUGE THANKS too everyone who takes time to give us a listen and to those who help to make this madness possible.      PEACE!