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Moving Day

There is no show this week. The Good Idea Studio is moving to its new diggs this week, so things are kinda upside down at the moment. We are planntng to have it ready to rock for a show next week. So, in the mean time, how about a little El Gato Del Rio1


Tis The Season 2

Tonight it’s just the two of us, hanging out in the good idea studio talking shit and drinking hooch.


Our first story is about a couple of florida boys who couldn’t quite get it right,

Florida duo named dumbest thieves of the week


This is the moose video Shanty Pants was talking about


Next we go to a story about a Detroit woman who had a nasty wake up call on a recent flight from Vegas

Detroit woman says she woke up to pastor peeing on her on plane


So, Blue Oyster Cult has released a song about our favorite subject, Florida Man! and we would like to use a couple of snippets on the Podcast. We also don’t want to get sued, so we reached out to stevenlschenck@gmail.com who is listed as a contact person for the group. As of this writing, we have not heard from him. Please feel free to contact him and let him know that we are here.In the mean time, here is a link to the YouTube video of said song.

Florida Man

Next on the list is a story about a man who really felt the need to protect his family from all those pesky protesters at Disney World.

Tourist brought AR-15 rifle, handgun to Disney World over worries about Orlando protests

This week we have a Poor Gal story about a lady who was wrongfully convicted of a crime and was exonerated later.

Wrongfully convicted Nevada woman receives $2.8M in settlement following new state law

Our next story is two fold. It brings us the tale of a disgusting pervert who has done terrible things, and the man who has brought him to justice.

Florida man arrested for child porn also purchased, ate soiled underwear, sheriff says

Now a little word on Sheriff Judd, Grady Judd is known for his detailed and colorful press conferences to the local media. Here is a link to some of his best quotes.

Grady Judds greatest quotes

Next, we get into the wayback machine, and go back about a year for a story about a day care provider who kept her clients stashed away in a secret room.

6 Children Found Hidden Behind False Wall At Day Care Owner’s Home In Colorado Springs

our final story moves us to another list segment about odd history items from history.

The Romans drove Silphium, a contraceptive herb, to extinction.

So, there ya go. Another bullshit session for your examination. We hope you enjoyed at least 15% of this weeks show, as we did

Turning 50

This week we celebrate our 50th episode in the Good Idea Studio!  It’s hard to believe that we stuck with this madness for almost a full year. We missed a couple of episodes during the first part of the Covid outbreak, but overall, have tried to get an episode out every week. This week is no exeption. From Florida Man to giant carved penises, we have the news you didn’t know you needed. So, in the words of Hannible Lector,…Alrighty then, lets do this.

First we would like to direct your attn. to this Blue Oyster Cult music video about our favorite character, Florida Man!

Florida Man!!!

Our first Florida man story concerns a fellow who wanted to emulate his hero Rambo, exept he’s no, and payed the price.

Rambo He’s Not            Video Here


Next a story about DIY gone horror show! Some things should be left to the professionals. Silicone is for sealing your bathtub, not blowing up yer butt!

Dallas woman charged with murder after allegedly performing illegal butt injection


Back to Florida where they don’t care if you have dementia, or anything else, you goin to the clink!

Dementia patient walks away from Florida nursing home, ends up in jail


Just imagine, you are chained to a wall, and the Baby Shark song is playing on an endless loop. That’s our next story. Inhumane!

Baby Shark” Used To Punish Jail Inmates


Got Wood? This next guy does, and not just in the morning. He carved a giant erect penis and displayed it in front of his house. Geeze, some people have no sense of humor!

Man who erected a giant wooden penis on his lawn fights to keep it up


Poor guy, or bad cop? Definitely drunk. So read the article, and see if you can decide.

Maitland officer repeatedly cried, vomited during DUI arrest, troopers say

And then there’s Hookey Bobbin!

Moving on to New Orleans, this priest was using the alter for something other than Mass.

Priest caught desecrating altar while filming threesome inside Louisiana church:

And finally, the last of our series of animals who get more fucked up than we do. Monkey Medicine for parasite control, and personal pleasure.

Pass me that bug


So another episode in the books. We truly are grateful to the people who take the time to listen and tell their friends about us. It would be a lot harder, and a whole lot weirder to keep doing this knowing that nobody was out there. So thats the way this one went. Please stay safe and keep a safe attitude. Not everybody has your best intrests in mind.   PEACE!

Creepy Uncle Edition

So, this week we enjoy the fall weather from the Good Idea Studio and move from Florida man 1 to Florida man 2, and then down the proverbial rabbit hole of what ever it is we do here.


Give me back my bullets
Here, have some of my bullets


Next is a disturbing story from Arkansas involving a pastor, a baby, exorcism, and methamphetamine. What could go wrong?

Exorcism Carried Out On Baby By Pastor Who Used Meth With Church Members, Police Say


This next group of guys are true Bad Asses1 Heavy Metal musicians in IRAN! Of course it didn’t turn out well. How shitty must it be to have to live in a place where people condemn you for your art.

Iranian Metal Band ARSAMES Arrested, Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For “Playing Satanic Music”


Our next story is about a poor woman who almost lost her home over a $00.06 tax bill! 6 cents!

Woman With Alzheimer’s, 89, Almost Loses Home Over Six Cent Tax Bill


Just for shits and giggles

Grease gets a meth update!


Our next story involves a young lady that seemed like we have seen her before. We haven’t, but it sure seemed like it. Anyway, she fishing in her own pond at the 7-11

Woman Nabbed For Lewd Act At 7-Eleven


So have you ever been to the dentist, and wondered what was happening when you were out of it? Well maybe you don’t really want to know.

Dentist who extracted tooth on hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in prison


Then we check in with our buddy Chuy from the Screaming Chuy Podcast  we discuss big cats getting high on caapi root

Is this cats spirit guide Joe Rogan?

So another week in the bag and no members down. So lets get out there and stay away from everybody!  PEACE