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Gonna make a quick stop to the comic shop!

Florida Man is Coming to Comic Shops this Summer!

2 years later, and finally this sorry excuse for a man has gotten the BOOT!

South Dakota Senate convicts and removes state attorney general in impeachment trial after he killed pedestrian in 2020

If you are in alligator country, remember, they really like to hang out in the water. Just saying.

Man dies searching for Frisbees in Florida lake amid alligator warnings

Honest officer, I was just charging it up!

Police: Naked Florida man drove with wires on penis

This was a pretty crazy documentary! You can watch it on YouTube.

Here’s a Whiskey Legs break

With a name like theirs, it was just a matter of time.

Cherry Blossom Massage in Bismarck shut down on accusations of prostitution

You want to talk about luck, the people that left $36,000 in a used couch got it back!

Woman Finds $36K Hidden In SoCal Craigslist Free Couch

I would like a Winston Churchill on rye.

Would You Eat Lab-Grown Human Salami Cultured from Celebrity Cells?

Texas does not want dresses to be worn in their schools.

Texas school district bans hooded clothing and dresses for most students

And I thought that “Self Love” involved some type of masturbation.

Indian woman to marry herself to highlight ‘self-love’

But they’re just kids!

Kids accused of stealing 22 guns from gun shop get 21 days juvenile detention

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Cocain Bear! GRRRR!!

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This week as always, we come to you from the Good Idea Studio with another foray into the land of questionable behavior. Welcome back, and happy Fathers day to all of our Daddy types out there!

Lets get this train on the tracks!

We were lucky enough to garner another Quibly Award for being #1 fans of the podcast “The Law Offices Of Quibble Squabble & Bicker” You should really check them out for high brow type low brow humor.

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Florida Man: Just your average 105 mile jet-ski ride.

Florida Exec Wanted for Fraud Is Nabbed on a Jet Ski Bound for Cuba

Cats,cats, and more cats. The SMELL!!!

Agents rescue 47 cats from extreme heat while living in car with owner

It was suggested that we do a West Virginia Man story to see if they could compete with Florida, well here you go.

West Virginia man charged with sex crimes; Did too extreme sexual acts to post the details online

I guess if enough people are afraid of you, they will let you steal anything they want.

Thieves make off with 20 freight containers with gold and silver ore from Mexican port

And cops think that their job is dangerous!

Vlogger Dies After Eating Geckos And Centipedes Live On Air

I am suspecting a little virtue signaling here. What a great guy!

Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend’s Virginity

As an ex-school janitor, I can testify that floor sealer does in fact, look very much like milk.

Alaskan elementary school accidentally served floor sealant instead of milk to a dozen children

If you’re a drunk, then you should probably not be driving a school bus, or attending court during drinking hours!

Flagler school bus driver admits he’s impaired at DUI hearing

If you’re looking at jail in Macon Co. Georgia, don’t try to hide anything in your cooch. It will be found!

Gun & Drugs Found Inside Woman After Arrest

Spitting on living people is assault. Spitting on a dead body during a funeral is just stupid, and a felony. At least in Texas.

Woman charged with felony after spitting on corpse in casket at funeral home

I think this is a pretty good way to ship your goods. If the pigeon gets caught, just get another! And yes, pigeon is delicious!

Pigeon Caught With 178 Ketamine Pills In Backpack

And because Shanty Pants asked for it…This!

This is just sad.

Man arrested for leaving flowers on fiancee’s grave found guilty of littering


Cocaine Bear: The True Story Behind the Ultimate Party Animal

Giraffs are one of the strangest animals.

Male giraffes will headbutt females to see if they are ready

That closes out this weeks shenanigans. Once again we want to thank everyone for dropping in and giving us some of your time.



You can contact us at happyhrnewsteam@gmail.com or you can call/text to 701-369-0029.

Welcome to this weeks attempt at making up for the utter SHIT-SHOW that was, (or wasn’t) last weeks failure. Between cameras that don’t come with instructions, software that won’t play nice with each other, and forgetting that simpler is better, we’ve decided to go old-school, and just use a good old fashioned webcam. I do believe that we are going to do much better in the future.

First up is a story about someone who just might be in the wrong line of work.

30 dead animals found in house of animal rescue CEO, sheriff says

In Florida, if you get in the water, you become invisible!

Man flashes teens, jumps in lake, hides under dock to avoid arrest

If you have Geico Insurance, you can get paid if you catch a really bad disease in your car!

Geico ordered to pay $5.2M to woman who got HPV from car sex

Looks like there is a possible cure for ass cancer. This is huge!

“First Time In History”: Cancer Vanishes For Every Patient In Drug Trial

So, you don’t need to be on your cell phone to be distracted while driving.

Florida man and woman crash into FedEx truck during sex act

We start our second half with a discussion about Mormon Polygamy, and a guy named Warren Jeffs. This shit is almost unbelievable!

I am not sure that a 10 year old child has the ability to fully understand what really happens when you fire a gun at people. But the mom is guilty as shit!!

10-year-old charged with 2nd degree murder in woman’s death

This guys new nick-name is Jonah!

‘I was completely inside’: Lobster diver swallowed by humpback whale off Provincetown

Be sure you know who you are buying tickets to see!

Mom Accidentally Buys Tickets to Red Hot Chili Peppers Bagpipe Tribute Band

‘Pay or surrender him’: Woman forced to give up puppy over $10,000 veterinary bill

That’s it.