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Going Live–ish Or Learning As You Go

So this week we had a combination podcast, live stream/shitshow/learning experience. We got the actual audio podcast done no problem, The live stream was another story. In true HHNT fasion, we bought some nice equipment, and proceeded to assume we knew how to do something. Well we knew how to do something, but it wasn’t doing a livecast with said equipment! Oh well, I suppose we should have seen it coming. nothing promotes learning like failing in front of everybody. Now, having said that, we plan on doing it again soon! Help us out and contact us with advice, insight, or just to make fun of us. You can always call our message line at 701-369-0029, or email us at happyhrnews@gmail.com.

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On with the nonsense!   First we look at a Florida Woman who got “Turtled” as she was riding down the road.

Woman injured when Florida turtle crashes through her windshield

This next story kinda bugs me. I mean, is Uber a taxi? Is it a “Ride Sharing Service?” If so, who am I sharing it with? The driver? And if I’m sharing, who shares the cost? Anyway, this Uber driver got attacked by a drunk old lady and acted like a little bitch.

Florida woman choke, bites and scratches Uber driver


While we were in Florida, we find out you don’t even have to get in your car to get a ticket in Florida!

Florida officers issued false tickets to drivers they never pulled over

This next story is nothing to lose your head over. Heh heh heh

Monk chops off own head for good luck in the afterlife

Please don’t do dangerous tricks on the freeway people!

Orlando man run over, killed on I-95 after falling from motorcycle during stunt

There have been an awful lot of knuckleheads stealing ambulances lately. At some point there is going to be a patient in one.  Fuck me!

3 injured after ambulance stolen at New Orleans hospital

Ah, to be young again…..

Nine Juveniles Shot At 12 Year Olds Birthday Party

Better clean that money, give it to this lady. She’ll take care of it!

Florida ‘witch’ swindled victims out of $100K by promising to cleanse their cash

When did “Gender Reveal Parties” become a thing? They sure seem to go wrong alot.

Gender reveal party triggers earthquake fears after family use 80lbs of explosives


This next story is pretty weird and almost hard to believe. 4 years stuck on a ship that nobody wants. Wow!

Stranded sailor allowed to leave abandoned ship after four years

So we get to the last story and another in our series of psychological experiments gone wrong

This week it’s “The Third Wave” an high school experiment that ran straight off the rails. In a matter of a few days, this teacher had started an actual fascist cult, encompassing 3 schools!

This 1967 classroom experiment proved how easy it was for Americans to become Nazis


So shit shows and learning curves are the order of the day. We have been studying on the whole live stream thing, and hope to have it figured out by the next show. Maybe.

As always, try to get along with each other, and call your Mother! …………………………………Peace…………..S.E.

420 With Nikki Bon

Listen to the full podcast HERE

Grab your one hitters, clean out your bong, sharpen your dab sticks and get ready for this weeks fever dream featuring our special guest the very funny comedian and podcast host Nikki Bon!

Nikki has a hit podcast called Whoa Dad!   She also has a wicked sense of humor that is on display on her YouTube channel. Nikki was kind enough to give HHNT an interview, and talk about her podcast and a little bit of her journey to the present.  Needless to say, we are big fans!

But first……The Rest Of The Story!   You may notice that the drunkenness seems to taper off as the show goes on. This is a product of years of alcohol research, wherein if you play the first half of the show last, you actually get more sober as time goes by! GENIUS!

This week we start with a surprise call form the one and only Shoobee!

We felt obligated to bring you an update to the lunacy happening in South Dakota. This piece of excrement is not only going to get away with killing a man with his car, he is getting advanced to the rank of Colonel in the reserves! WTF???

SD Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg makes promotion list to full Colonel

On to Florida!  Hey little Timmy, want to go for a ride?


Man charged after crashing motorcycle with infant on lap

Shanty had a very good question about this next story. Why would a man steal a womans  sex toys?

Man Burglarized Woman’s Home, Stole Her Sex Toys, Police Report

It looks like colorado is going to let you actually bury Aunt Ethel in the back yard with the roses.


Colorado looks to legalize human composting — yes, your dead body could become garden soil

Here is one from the dark side.

Florida couple accused of starving, locking up 50-pound teen, siblings

And now for some real 420 news!

Family Matters’ Star Jaleel White to Launch Purple Urkle Cannabis Line

So here we are, stuck in the middle with ourselves. We will now move on to our featured interview with the hilarious Nikki Bon!

Please don’t forget to check out our podcast friends where ever you get your content from.      PEACE………………………….S.E.

Bubbles and Botox

As always, you can hear the complete podcast HERE

Welcome to this weeks run down on the nonsense we call a podcast.

Evidently we are better than CNN according to Matt from The Fumbled Penis Podcast. Well, we don’t get to join the White House Press Pool, but we do report on some retarded politicians. Thanks Matt!

Our first story comes to us from, wait for it…………Florida!!

So this is the saga of a Florida Man who takes bad decision making to new heights!

29-year-old man accused of stealing ambulance from Florida hospital

On to Michigan, where you reall need to keep an eye on your kids stuffed animals!

Cops: Michigan Home Inspector Pleasured Self With Elmo Doll In Residence’s Nursery

Our next tidbit comes from somewhere in central Europe. This is weird even by our standards. I mean, the article starts by saying that this guy has “Divorced his first Sex Doll Wife!” Incells, take heed!


Bodybuilder Who Divorced Sex Doll Wife Now In A Thruple With New Doll He Considers A ‘Sister’

Now, we here at Happy Hour News don’t condone the theft of police cars,…….But you really have to give it up for our next Florida Man. While this event took place in Kansas, it was most certainly a Florida brain that led the way!

Suspect, 23, leads Kansas cops on 100mph chase in stolen patrol car with his hands CUFFED behind his back

Moving on to Alabama, as much as we really don’t want to, we have a story that sounds like it comes out of one of those sharia law countries. You know, the ones that we hate so much. Jeesh!

Alabama fails to reverse ban on school yoga as conservatives say they fear rise in Hinduism


A metal band made up of cats has dropped its first single for charity

This next story is a tribute to my ignorance of the modern culture that we all enjoy.

Unique 4/3/21 date draws lines for Vegas wedding licenses

On to Main, where civilization is alive and well. Imagine serving your communities best interests.

Say hello to the cannabis ambulance, something that most definitely stands out and is absolutely memorable.

Lets head back to Florida, because, why not? I guess you’ve got to admire an entrepreneur.

Jacksonville Botox ‘doctor’ drank Four Loko, champagne during consultations

Lets talk about how stupid some people are. Pretty fucking stupid.

Marine vet condemns marijuana, says he ‘toked up’ in Kentucky & woke up in Kenya

So comes the latest in our series about psychological studies gone south.

This week we cover the notorious “Pit Of Despair”

I am providing this link to learn more about this study, but I don’t know if it is phone friendly.

Here’s another that gives the condensed version.

That’s it for this week. Huge thanks to all of you for sticking with this mess, and remember to treat each other well!……….S.E.

Tommy C. In Da House

This week we welcome Tommy Conolin from TC Sound studios as we strive to bring some local talent to the show.  You can hear the complete show HERE

We talk about how one gets into the sound recording business, and the work it takes to get good.

Sit back and grab a refreshing beverage and enjoy the show!

We didn’t have a lot of stories in this episode, but we did manage to squeeze in a couple.

Of course we had to bring you something from Florida! It would seem that this would-be robber didn’t really “DIG” the way his victim fought back!

Cops: Florida Man With Shovel Wins Gunfight

We also brought you the “Arsehole” fruit! A forgotten little treat to keep your “Brown Eye” on.

The fruit that launched a thousand jokes

We also continued our series on psychological studies that went south with a UCLA study that had some dark repercussions.

UCLA didn’t ask schizophrenic patients’ consent for experiment

And here is a link to a presentation site that has some more in-depth info.

The Tony LaMadrid Case

So, that’s how it was, great conversation, great music, and a little HHNT fuckery for your enjoyment!

Get out and see some local artists when you hear about them, but use your head, and STAY SAFE!   ………………………………….PEACE!      ……………….S.E.