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Lets Party

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This week we veer of our normal format and  get ready for the 9th Annual BBQ Bash. This is a major party that the Pants family hosts every year, and we waxed poetically about parties past, so we only had time for a couple of stories, like these—

Elderly Man Found Dead in Apartment Building with ‘I Touch Little Girls’ Written on Chest

In Florida, it’s bad form to save a life in somebody’s front yard

Florida homeowners yell at man trying to save neighbor’s life on their lawn

So that’s it. Short and sweet. Thanks to all who listen, and encourage this thing. If you were at the BBQ, HELL YEA!!! Great time!_______________PEACE_____________S.E.

It’s Never Too Early

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This week we welcome the C.E.O. of HHNT to the Good Idea Studio to help us do the intro to the show. As you can hear by her higher intellect, and superior speaking skills, she was a shoo-in for the position.

We kick things off with some info about our favorite recording software.

Audacity Faces Backlash Following Controversial Update to Its Privacy Policy

Next is an update on the guy who was “Jerkin His Gerkin” and “Placin His Pickle” in public.

Guilty Plea In Pervy Public Pickle Packing

I don’t have a problem with people believing weird religious stuff, but c’mon, test drive Jesus some other way!

Woman let ‘God take the wheel’ as test of faith in high-speed Ohio crash, police say

I have looked at this next story a couple of times, and still am not sure how this woman got into this predicament. What a way to go!

Naked Woman Rescued In California After Becoming Wedged Between Two Buildings


Shanty brought up “Baby “Jessica”, the little girl who fell into a well in the 80’s.

Baby Jessica 30 Years Later: ‘My Life Is a Miracle’


Keeping up with the theme of “Poor Fuckers”, we look at how an investigation can become so narrowly focused on 1 person, evidence is ignored to convict him instead of finding out the truth.

Falsely Accused: Man spends months in jail despite video showing he wasn’t at crime scene

We would like to welcome our friend from West Virginia to the world of podcasting, and we’re not just saying that because he is a fan of our show, well…..Maybe a little. His name is Joe, and his podcast is called The Dumbass Report. Check it out!

In the second half of our show we fawned over our new podcast hero Greg Petix, who does the Fantasy Comic Book Editor League, and like us, Greg likes to have a sip or three on occasion.

We want to give a shout out to Glassakwards, a local artisan who is KICKIN IT!

It looks like old Tiger Joe is in the news again.

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s prison sentence was just vacated by a federal appeals court
Joe Exotic on the hunt for new husband with ‘The Bachelor King’ contest

Well,  it was Walmart, right?

Woman, 70, repeatedly punched by teenage Walmart employee

You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, well how about under your bed!

Woman finds 18 snakes under her bed after she saw ‘a tiny piece of fuzz’ move

It must be nice to have a job where you can flash a gun in a courtroom and not just get fired. Oh, wait, it was a judge. Well I’m certainly glad that there are not different tiers of justice.

Winnebago County Judge Scott Woldt suspended for seven days for multiple instances of misconduct

That’s what we got for this week. Don’t forget to listen to your favorite podcasts when you can, and please, remember,   SMILE!              PEACE…………………………………S.E.

Birds Aren’t Real!!??

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Thanks to Joseph for the artwork above, and stand by for his soon to be debuted podcast “The Dumbass Report”  We’ll keep you posted on his progress.

Also don’t forget that you can get stickers by sending your mailing info to happyhrnews@gmail.com or you can call 701-369-0029 and let us know what’s “Really Goin On”

This week we have conspiracies, meth addicted trout, dopey flowers, and some Florida Fun!

We start off in Fla. with an ex-cop who tried to teach a lesson, ended up with the tables turned.

Former Florida Police Officer Sent to Prison For Forcing Teens to Strip and Run Naked to Avoid Arrest

This next story is a good example as to how confirmation bias works. Evidently, all you have to do is 1. make up some bad sounding random bullshit thing, and  2. Blame Barrack Obama, and Presto! You’ve got a bunch of Wakadoodles coming to rallies, and forming think tanks. What a wonderful world.

Birds Aren’t Real: The Hot New Conspiracy Theory Taking America By Storm

Next we find out that you can become possessed by demons over the phone. What the actual fuck!?

US priest: Exorcisms on the rise as demons now haunt victims by text

This one just isn’t right. What has happened to people? Not even able to apologize. “We stand behind our actions”. I know 4 year olds with more character than these yahoos.

‘Disgrace’: Wife upset after first responders leave husband’s naked body in yard for hours

We welcome The Fabulous Mrs. Pants to the second half, and do some pregnancy math.

We move on to a story that is kinda scary.  It seems that some plants will have adverse effects just by smelling them. Be careful where you shove your nose!

TikTok User Smells Pretty Flower, Accidentally Doses Herself With “World’s Scariest Drug”

And just for giggles

All I can say about this next story is that I sure never had a guard like this one!

Corrections officer convicted in California for ‘Depraved’ sex with a detainee in front of other inmates.

This gives a whole new meaning to the “Happy” in Happy Meal.

Mom Finds Drugs Inside Child’s McDonald’s Happy Meal, Two Employees Charged

I had fried fish last week, and haven’t slept since.

Wild Fish Can Become Addicted to Methamphetamine in the Water

Thanks for sticking with us through this nonsense, and make sure that you take a look at our feed page and check out some of our older episodes. Or not……………….PEACE!………..S.E.

The World We Live In

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This week we have Florida, weird restaurant rules, new podcast to listen to, and questions about the reality of existence. We also have stickers. You can get some by contacting us at  happyhrnews@gmail.com  And you can call us at  701-369-0029  Be sure to leave your mailing address, so we know where to send them!

We start off with a Florida Man story that caused us to ask the question, “Are we living in some kind of simulation”, or is this guy just nuts?

Florida man accused of shooting at cops thought he was being ‘controlled’ in a video game
Confirmed! We Live in a Simulation

Next is my personal pick for New Podcast To Listen To. Greg Petix is a member of  The Law Offices Of Quibble, Squabble, And Bicker podcast,  and has started his own, very unique show built on the premise of an imaginary comic book publishing company that exists entirely in his head. He starts off in the Forties, and builds his company piece by piece, and recruits the best that the genre has ever had to offer. It is truly surreal, and at the same time informative to the point of educational. And he has wine, (The Bar Is Open) Give it a listen and let us know what YOU are listening to.

Fantasy Comic Book Editor League

The next story comes out of Flint Michigan. Now this city has been treated about as poorly as any community can, and it needs something positive to look forward to.

Flint’s old police academy sold for marijuana grow facility despite objections

Back to Florida and a restaurant that just doesn’t seem to like their customers asking for food. To go. Ever.

Local Issued Trespass Warning Over To-Go Salad Order

This next one is simple, when someone asks you to not stick your nasty tongue in their mouth, don’t.

Detroit Woman Bit Off Man’s Tongue After She Asked Him Not To Use It While Kissing, He Did Anyway


This is truly a Poor Guy story if there ever was one! No good deed ever goes unpunished.

Mrs. Pants joined us for the second half of the show to help us wade through the swamp we call our show. Like this.

Florida doctor accidentally performed surgery on wrong testicle, report says


Miami-bound plane filled with marijuana seized in Louisiana

You can sleep tonight, because the Space Force has all your blow! Evidently this shit is found up and down the beach all the time. I wonder how much doesn’t get turned in.

Space Force seizes $1.2 million worth of cocaine from shores of Cape Canaveral base

We end with a cautionary tale about what happens when you get pervy at this guys house!

Father shoots man allegedly caught looking into young daughter’s window while inappropriately touching himself

That’s it for this week, so remember to treat each other good and I want to thank Mrs. Pants for the great joke at the end.                PEACE                   S.E.