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Podcasts We Listen To

Here are some links to some of the podcasts that we listen to. Let us know if you want to be on the list!

Our buddy Chuy has been our ally from the start, and was our firs call-in guest. Great show, with some very interesting guests.

The Screaming Chuy Show

If you like your podcasts direct, and to the point, Matt from the Fumbled Penis podcast doesn’t hold back. It has been said that “Fumbled Penis has an agenda”. Not for kids.

We had the good fortune to be guests on these guys show. Originating from opposite ends of the country, these three guys are very funny, and very bright to boot.

HERE is a link to thieir Youtube page.

Here’s a couple of former heavy duty partiers that got to be of “A Certain Age” and have a lot of fun trying to avoid the dreaded middle age hangover.

here are a couple of podcasters who live in separate parts of the country who take trending topics from the week, and spin them into a story using a unique writing exercise.


The EverTrending Story

Behind The Bastards, a look at some of the worst people to walk the earth!


Behind The Bastards Podcast

The Plaid Jacket Philosopher deals with blue collar-working class subjects from “Up Nort In Canada Eh”

Plaid Jacket Philosopher


Fantasy Comic Book Editor League
Michael Shermer Podcast