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Getting Hosed

This week we are three, Cheech, Shanty Pants and yours truly Sanchez Eldorado, coming to you from the Good Idea Studio in Mid America.

We had a great time talking about the stuff that really grinds our grits.

Sooo, of course we begin with Florida Man. This weeks idiot is one who will work on holidays!

Florida Man accused of molestation dressed up as Santa Claus, Easter Bunny

I had mixed feelings about the guy in the next story. Should I admire him, or loathe him? I mean, It can’t be easy walking around with a pistol up the old poop chute.

Jail For Man In Ass-ault Weapon Case

The next one is the highlight of the show. Just an average, lonely, very drunk young lady, who’s pussy is on fire. What else was she supposed to do?

Woman Cops Plea Over Fiery Pussy 911 Call

Now we go to Viet Nam for a skin crawling. stomach turning story about the re-cycling industry.

Vietnam police seize more than 320,000 used condoms

Ah, whats in a name. Our next one is about a woman who’s got a name for the ages. And no time for that shit youngun!!!

Lovely Butts Busted For Bleach Attack


This next couple of knuckleheads need some kinda slappin around or something. Selling a baby for meth money is about as low as you can go.

Meth User Tried To Sell Child For $2500
Bees! Drunken Bees! Shit!

So stay out of trouble, and mind your own business, be safe, and call an elderly reletive. Thier probably thinking about you. PEACE!

May The Circle Be Unbroken

This week we are  three. Cheech, Shanty, And yours truly, Sanchez.

Our list of stories is a hodge-podge of Florida, and other stuff, So here we go,

Florida first. Shanty brings us a story about a gal who decided to take a “Toy” for a test drive in an adult shops back room

Florida Woman Arrested After “Testing” Product In Middle Of Adult Toy Store

Next, we move to Indonesia, where they have a different idea of what an angel looks like

Indonesia police confiscate sex toy mistaken for ‘angel’

Next we stay a little closer to home, namely South Dakota, where the west is, apparently, still pretty wild.

He actually hit and killed a man.

Back to Florida so we can “Air Out” a story about three adventure seeking young ladies who were just trying to get dry.

3 nude women were ‘air drying’ at Florida rest stop before chase, police say

We also learned about Star Chase, a tracking device that can be deployed to minimize risk of high speed chases.

The Star Chase Projectile

Our next story is truly a poor guy veteran who wasn’t informed of his positive HIV status by the Dept. Of Veterans Affairs for 20 YEARS!!!

US Navy veteran: For 2 decades, VA never told him he had HIV

So, a littlt while ago, we told you about a cou\le of massage joints that got shut down for doing the old “Rub-N-Tug” Well it turns out that it might have been “Medical Therapy” after all.

Bismarck physician arrested on facilitating prostitution charges

Now we move over to a young woman who makes legal bank acting like a fucking puppy dog on the interwebs! WTF?

Woman who acts like a kinky puppy makes $10K a month on OnlyFans

So, none of us knew what Only Fans was, so I guess, Like the rest of the internet, it’s for porn.

OnlyFans Explained

Shanty read a story about a guy that planted some of the dreaded free seeds that people were getting from China. Spoiler Alert—They Grew!

Arkansas man plants mysterious seeds from China

And finally we get to the pissing part. It seems that reindeer like to eat Amanita Muskaria mushrooms for a real buzz. A special thing about these shrooms is that the psycho active ingredient gets stronger as it is filters through the system and when you drink the urine you get higher!

Let’s talk about urine for a moment

So there ya go. Another one in the bag. Be careful out there, and be kind to each other, It’s free.  PEACE!

Keep The Tip

Shoebee’s in the house this week for a fun evening in the Good Idea Studio talkin bout eatin butt, and the finer points surrounding the happy ending negotiations at your local Rub-n-Tug.

We start, as always, with a Florida Man story concerning a man and his dog. Oh, and child pornography

Florida man arrested for possession of child porn, animal cruelty, and bestiality, deputies say

Then Shoobs shares this piece of gigantic what the fuckery with us and , I mean, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

California reduces penalties for pedophilia with ‘willing’ kids

If you’ve been drinking, watch out for those pesky anti DUI signs. They’ll get ya.

Drunk driver arrested after crashing into ‘Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over’ sign


Our “Animals who get high” story is about some sheep whotrip out on somespecial lichen,

Sheep get high on psychedelic lichen

I think it’s just good judgment, that when you discover your roommates sex doll, DON’T TOUCH IT! Don’ mention it, don’t even try to find out where you can get your own.

Moorhead man stabbed roommate over sex doll

Our next bit is a true Poor Guy story from Virginia. This guy did 4 years in prison for rape, because of a false allegation. His accuser finally came clean, but justice is lacking on this one.

Elizabeth Coast’s False Rape Claim Leads To 2 Months Jail In Virginia

I don’t know exactly what Zoom is, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to use it to sabotage your own bond hearing.

Twitter Hack Zoom Court Hearing Interrupted by Ass-Eating Porn Video


Labor Day!

We took the show on the road this week for a Labor Day episode from Beula Bay North Dakota. We set up on the pick-nick table, and broke out the wide area mic., and went for it.

We start the business with a shitty  combination story with Florida man and Poor Guy at the same time. A man in Daytona Beach got “stomped” for helping a black man pick up trash. What a couple of FuckHeads!

Jeremy Ziegler and Carrie Tyrrell reportedly yelled “stop helping that n****r” at the white man, according to a police report.

So we all know how our friend Shoebie likes his Cocain and Hookers, well here in ND, the market just got smaller.

Undercover stings in Bismarck and Dickinson uncover prostitution at Spas

Joe Exotic has a new side hustle he runs from prison!? You can now get under wear with his creepy mug on the crotch.

Even though he’s in jail, Exotic is releasing a new line of 100% cotton underwater including a leopard print (of course) fabric with an illustration of his face front and center.
A New Docuseries Focusing on the Disappearance of Carole Baskin’s Former Husband Is Happening
‘Tiger King’: What Happened to Joe Exotic’s G.W. Zoo?

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Also, don’t forget to listen to How The West Was Fucked, a informative podcast regarding the true nature of how the west was settled. Very funny and quite interesting.

And don’t forget our friend Screaming Chuy, fuckery at its finest!!

Then we go back to Florida with a story about a Sheriff who is convinced that he has an algorithm that can predict who will commit crime. I call BULLSHIT!

I only see an excuse for harassment, and intimidation designed to create angst between the community and law enforcement. You read, you decide.

Pasco’s sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens.

So we wind it down with a general BS session about when the world was good, and we were young.

A man who got the corona virus early on got the bill for his care, to the tune of 1.1 million dollars. That’s a lot of dollars!

Michael Flor holds up the 181-page medical bill he says followed his treatment for coronavirus (Photo: Michael Flor)

So bee careful, and keep your distance. It can’t hurt to be cautious. PEACE!