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I Was An Aliens Sex Slave

Just to be clear, our first story is about someone from Florida. No shit, really. For most people, when the word Lousiana is mentioned, thoughts of warm weather, jazz.and gumbo come to mind. For us at HHNT, it’s is mostly public masturbation. In public. And don’t forget, when you try out a laptop in Walmart, […]

Age Restricted

You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com  or you can leave a voice mail/text at 701-369-0029 If you have listened to our show, you know that the language we use is not the kind you would hear in church. It is, however the kind you would hear in a bar. Or on any street corner in […]

Brain Worms

`You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com   or leave a message/text at 701-369-0029. This week we start out with a Florida man who just wanted a better “Roomie” I’m getting a peep-hole! And, is a puck a cylinder? If your wondering about the whole concrete cylinder thing— This next story is a combination of Poor Guy, […]

101 (Holloweener)

This weeks video portion of our show. And now , the rest of the story—- You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com  or  text/call us at 701-369-0029  We will respond somehow, either on air or off. If you are a podcaster, and you want to up your Apple Podcast Ratings, don’t get scammed. They are real […]