Oh Look Out!!

Welcome To Our Meltdown

The News You Didn't Know You Needed
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Exile On 3RD Street

So, we decided that we would shake the dice and get together for an ad-hoc podcast-get together sort of thing. We are all healthy, and have not been exposed to any nastiness.

So here ya go, The three of us with Shobees friend Dana paying us a visit in the “Quarantine Machine” on the edge of town.

So grab a beverage, and have a listen, and keep checking back. Normalcy may break out at any time.    Peace,  Sanchez

You can find it Here

We’re still Truckin’

So, it looks like life is going to be different from now on, so we will also be doing things differently. There won’t be as much content here as in the past, but we do have some things in the works. Mr. Pants has been putting together some stand alone “Campfire Stories” that I think are going to be pretty good. We also met up at the “Quarantine Machine” for a good old fashion sit down.

So keep checking in, and check our Facebook page for announcements.          Be Safe!

Somewhat Somber Still

This week we visit with Jake from the Seattle band Six Gun. Of course we did it at a safe distance by phone, and discussed the current coronamess, and its affect on our lives.

Not a whole lot of news, seeing that we record a week in advance, but a lot good conversation anyway. Everybody be safe, and check out Six Gun HERE


Somewhat Somber

In this special episode Shanty Pants goes deep into the current situation with Chuck Nasty from the Nasty Nation podcast. Grab a snack and sit back, this one is good. Check out Chucks show Here

Rollin With The Punches

So, typically, we would be recording a podcast tonight. Well that ain’t happening! But not to fear, for we have some content in the proverbial “can”.

So watch this space, and stand by for the next round!