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This weeks episode comes to you from The Good Idea Studios smack dab in the middle of the North American Continent. We have Mrs. Pants in the house tonight sounding like a young boy, evidently. We have stickers to give away, and all you have to do is send us your mailing address. You can call us at 701-369-0029, or you can email me at sanchez@happyhournewsteam.com, or Shanty Pants at  happyhrnews@gmail.com.


Our first story is a Florida Woman with peculiar allergies.

Florida woman accused of drunkenly stabbing sister with EpiPen, says she’s ‘allergic to drunks’

during the conversation of the above story, I may have gotten some facts wrong concerning a rare album. Check out the link below to get some better info.

Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli’s Purchase Of Wu-Tang Clan’s Rare Album Becoming A Netflix Film

Also we got into the phenomena of people buying expensive items so they can destroy them in protest. Go for it!

‘This Yeti ain’t ready:’ NRA fans blow up Yeti coolers in protest for #YetiCoolerChallenge

We decided that we would start doing a segment for our followers protection. We are calling it “Don’t Do That Shit”


Texas family hospitalized after using charcoal grill to heat apartment

Next we re-visit a story that falls into the WTF category. This is the story of the South Dakota official who hit and killed a pedestrian on his way home from a party at night. There is so much wrong with this story, I don’t even know where to begin. This guy has the WORST shit eating grin I have ever seen!

South Dakota AG Ravnsborg charged with careless driving in fatal crash

So,as we continue with the second half of the show, we touch on a little item about the original uses of certain items.

Butt plugs used to be sold as a ‘miracle cure’ for headaches and acne

Just to prove that Florida doesn’t have a monopoly on weirdos, we found on in Arkansas.

Arkansas man, 79, pleads guilty to placing dead animals on neighbor’s gravestone while dressed as woman

Well, we couldn’t stay away from Florida for long as we check out a story about my two favorite things. Walmart and loneliness.

Walmart Wanker Told Police He Was “Lonely” Evidence was pointing right at Florida cops

Here is a heart warming story about a bunch of students who should have listened to the teacher a little closer.

30 Taliban militants killed in explosion during bomb-making class

Liar Liar Pants On Fire!

Miami lawyer whose pants caught fire during arson trial arrested on cocaine charge

Our next story is the first of ten in  a series of stories that are about psychological experiments that went wrong. The first one is pretty infamous.

Stanford Prison Experiment

And here is a BBC documentary about it.

So that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to call or write for your free stickers…..sanchez@happyhournewsteam.com  or happyhrnews@gmail.com, and you can always give your two cents at

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The Remote Sucks

Here is the video portion of this weeks show, well half of it anyway.

Spilling drinks is a form of alcohol abuse. This week I am guilty. I spilled my drink TWICE! the second time, we had to pause the video, and the remote malfunctioned when re-starting the camera. Shanty was not impressed. So, if you don’t want to here a bunch of cussing, too bad cuz there’s a shitload of it this week!

We kick things off with a check-in from Joe in West Virginia who left us a message on our call-in line 701-369-0029.

Next we do a Florida man story about a fellow who was protesting “Something”

Florida Man, 23, Arrested Following Indecent “Civil Rights Protest”

We stick around Florida for one about a guy who was going to dissect and eat his ex girlfriends kids. In a stew.

Jilted Central Florida man threatened to eat ex-girlfriend’s children, police say


Next we go to Pennsylvania for a story about a guy that just wasn’t going to take any more of this stuff. The video is graphic, so you’ll have to click the link and OK to watch it.

Next we visit a little Useless Shit in the form of cootchy smellin masks for your protection.

From my lips to yours: People are now selling vagina-scented face masks online

Next up is a combination “Poor Guy” and “What The Fuck Were You Thinking” story. If you’re going to “Pretend Rob” somebody, you might want to let them in on it BEFORE you approach them with a butcher knife!

20-Year-Old Man Fatally Shot In YouTube ‘Prank’ Robbery Gone Wrong

So for your viewing pleasure…..The Gorilla Glue Lady

We here at Happy Hour News Team are pleased to report that the above young lady has successfully had the glue removed from her head.

Shanty was a guest on the A.C.T. podcast, and it turned into a terrific listen. You can check out the show HERE

We set up a phone line for our listeners to leave feedback, opinions, or just for shits and giggles. Sadly, we have only had 3 unique callers. CALL US! 701-369-0029! Leave a mailing address, and we’ll send stickers! You can patch that hole in the wall. You can vandalize your ex’s dogs ass.

So it turns out that if you masturbate in a classroom full of grade school kids, film it and send said video out into the interwebs, people don’t quite see the humor in it.

Georgia substitute teacher arrested for child molestation

The police are starting to get savvy to the ways of avoiding footage of themselves being shared over social media by playing copy-righted music while being filmed. Many sites have the ability to recognize when copy protected music is playing, and not allowing the video to be shown. Clever little shits.

Is This Beverly Hills Cop Playing Sublime’s ‘Santeria’ to Avoid Being Live-Streamed?

It’s time for a little bit of a better feeling story (ecxept the kidnapping part) about a couple of Louisiana sanitation workers who were paying attention to their jobs. HEROS!

Kidnapped 10-year-old saved by 2 sanitation workers on pickup route

Those who have lived all of their lives in areas where the weather remains mild throughout the year have very little experience when driving in cold weather. Ice will form wherever the road is elevated, such as overpasses and bridges. Below is a case in point.

At least 6 killed in Fort Worth, Texas, pileup in icy weather


This guy really DUG his uncle!

Florida Metal Musician Turns Uncle’s Skeleton Into ‘Skelecaster’ Guitar

Well, thats’s all we have for this week. Pleas visit our podcast friends The A.C.T….Screaming Chuy….Fumbled Penis……and the rest……..PEACE!    S.E.

Mozart Was A Freak

Here’s your video teaser.

This week we are in the deep freeze of February that happens this time of the year up here in the area sometimes discribed as the “Frozen Shithole Of Hoth”.

You can here the complete audio episode HERE

We start the show with a story about a guy who wants you to know that he is from Florida! Dammit!

Florida Man, 22, Leaves No Doubt That He Is A Florida Man

Shanty and I discussed Hippies for a minute, and talked about what a Hippie actually is/was. Here’s Britannicas’ take on it.

Members of the Hog Farm commune celebrate the Fourth of July, 1968, aboard their bus, the Road Hog.

It seems that we have been getting a lot of fairly dark stories lately, and this fits right in that category. Something is wrong here. I don’t know anything about Barnes Jewish Hospital, but,


Man visited ER 3 times before dying in Mo. hospital parking lot, family says

Congratulations America, 9 year old girls are now being pepper sprayed for misbehaving. This story really pisses me off. The police response to this call is nothing short of criminal.

When did it become OK to use physical force, and “Chemical Irritant” to get a child to comply with you. If a parent did this, not only would the child be removed from the home, the parent would be tried for abuse! Shameful!

Police release video of officer pepper spraying handcuffed 9-year-old girl in back of squad car

Here is the Fuck-Stick who thinks this is a good idea!

Asshole who defended pepper spraying of 9 year old

The mind boggles. This next story is….Well it’s…….It’s, it’s fucking disturbing, that’s what it is.

Tattooed Barbie’ teen spends £4k on body modification including labia implants

We are American. We don’t eat dogs. Other countries do. And horses, cats, and as we learned after the COVID outbreak, they’ll eat just about anything that flies, crawls, squirms, or swims.

China’s annual dog meat festival is underway, but activists hope it will be the last

A thief with a conscious?

Oregon car thief scolds mom for leaving her child in car he stole

This guy nick-name is Smooth

So some people really should not breed. Please follow link to youtube.

Our last story is also the final of our “Fucked Up Facts You Didn’t Learn In School”. It turns out that Mozart was a dookie freak!

Mozart was obsessed with feces and even wrote songs about anilingus.

So that’s it for this week. We want to thank all of our listeners and give a shout out to the Rocket 38’s, Johnny Saturn, El Gato Del Rio, and all of the bands who have not been able to preform live gigs during the lock-downs that have been circulating around the country. Stay bundled up, it’s friggin cold out there       PEACE……………SC

Grettin Dunk

Here we go………This week we have 1/2 hour of youtube video and are pleased to have Mrs. Pants sitting in with us in the Good Idea Studio as we get back to the crux of the juxtaposition.

You can hear the full show HERE

After a bunch of general bullshit conversation, and a little whining, we start with a good old fashioned Florida Man. This one involves our old buddy Sheriff Grady Judd. It seems that a career paramedic and a decorated fire chief conspired to steal some Covid II vaccine.

Polk County paramedic arrested, captain accused in vaccine theft, Sheriff says

Here is the press conference. Starts at 2:29

Next we get an update on a previous story about a man, his wife, child porn, and the chickens he was fucking. ???

Depraved’ Man Who Had Sex With Chickens Has Jail Term Reduced


Back to Florida for a story about a “Man With A Plan” I mean, it could have worked.

Florida man accused of sex crimes cuts ankle monitor, starts GoFundMe to flee country


OK, maybe I’m overly skeptical, but isn’t Gwenneth Paltro a fucking kook? Anyway, she needs to look at a little quality control regarding things that smell like her cooch.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘vagina’ candle explodes in UK woman’s home: report


We heard from Pixie from the Next On Stage One podcast who filled us in on her show. You can visit their Facebook Page HERE

Our buddy Leingang gave us a checkin call and gave us a little feedback on our music shows.

We go to a story that comes to us from Slovakia. I’m calling her My Hero Of The Week

Police responding to gas station robbery find half-naked woman ‘satisfy(ing) the thief orally’s

So getting old, as it turns out, is murder on the memory part of your brain. Just a fun fact.

How about a story about a disappearing man?



Man Who Fell Into Yellowstone Hot Spring Completely Dissolved Within A Day

So, the brain cells finally kick in, and  we get to our fucked up facts

Pythagoreans believed that urinating while facing the sun was a heavily punishable sin

So, another week goes by, and the world just keeps a spinnin along as if it didn’t even know we were here. Try to keep spinnin with it, but don’t forget who’s there.  PEACE  S. E.