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Just Can’t Win

This week was a weird one. Between the heat, and terrible run of accidents, not to mention Shoebees shitty luck, we finally get to sit down and get our podcast on. It’s Shanty pants birthday and Shoebee had to join by phone. Grab a cold one and take a break with us.

It starts when Shoobs informs us of having A-Being pushed around by the state health dept,. and 2-getting rear ended while heading to town to shop! Send the guy some luck!

Then we move on to a touching story of family togetherness


Next, a story about a guy that might want to go on the wagon for a while


Hand Jobs For Freedom!

We eventually get to Mike Tysons comeback and the state of sports in the age of The Rona

Tysons Return


Get your Clown Pubes HERE

Don’t forget to visit our pal Screaming Chuy HERE

Carrie gives us a brief anatomy lesson on training your colon


Man steals 3′ dildo

We end up with a return to “Fucked Up Animals” Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll!!!

Remember to check your sources and verify the source!    PEACE!

Correct Change Please

We were Shoebeeless this week and had the Carrie Pants filling in as we discussed the latest fuckery going on around us.

We start the show with a Florida Woman story that will make the men cringe. Go HERE

Next, we go into the “Coin Shortage” that the pandemic has supposedly created, and, well,   it evolved into a discussion of crypto currency, tipping strippers, and civil forfeiture  laws.



Civil asset forfeiture does not require a crime


Then Shanty tells us about a porn parody of Tiger King. I cant wait!



Blazed Studios is making a Tiger King porn parody


We move on to a Poor Guy horror story about creepy things from dark places. A giant snake crawled up through a toilet and BIT HIM ON THE PENIS!!!



So what is it about Florida and committing crimes naked? This story is about a granny who scares away a naked intruder by removing her teeth and screaming GRANDMA NO TEETH




Texas substitute teacher fired for filming porn in classroom

The whiskey has started kicking in around this story.

Carrie takes us out with yet another story from Florida about a woman with a secret


Would you shove a glass pipe up your butt?

So there ya go, another week in the books. Don’t forget to check out the Screaming Chuy Podcast and stand by for future fuckery.  Peace

Screaming Chuy!!!!

So this week we were lucky enough to be guests on The Screaming Chuy Show, a non corporate (Meaning he does all the work himself) podcast with a great sense of humor, great content, and a great outlook on life.

If you want to invest an hour just being entertained, GO HERE

Chuy has a diverse and fuckery infused show guaranteed to get your little grey cells firing! All of us at HHNT are huge fans, and HIGHLY recommend the show. His Facebook is HERE


His Youtube channel is HERE    Check it out, and be safe out there!!

Your 1st Stop For All Round Fuckery

It’s in the air

Soooo, this week is full of surprises, from declarations of love, to secret bread recipes, we cover it all. So buckle up butter-cup, we gonna do it again.

Shoebee gives us a relationship update, and Shanty runs down some of the places where our listeners are at. And the dog gets caught doing some fucking thing.

First we cover a Florida woman and her hose habit. Seriously a cutie-pie


We delve into the world of nature concerning ducks and fish eggs. Seems the they poop them out before they get digested. Check it HERE

Mallard ducks that were fed fish eggs in the lab pooped out a few viable eggs. If fish eggs survive similarly in nature, this mechanism may contribute to the spread of invasive fish

Shoebees halfwit dumb fuck of the week finds a knuckle head who decided to rearrange the head stones at the local cemetery. Read HERE

What a dumb shit!


Next, put on your aprons, cuz we’re learnin to bake!!  YUMMY

Our next story was almost discredited before we even finished reading it. Evidently, a bunch of young people in Alabama were having Covid-19 parties and giving prizes to the first infectees. Shoebee said he heard it was not for real, and we investigated. The truth is…Of course it’s real, it’s Alabama!! You can check it out HERE

Remember that Twitter, and Facebook, and other “social media” sites are driven by individuals who may, or may not have an agenda, and may not be a great place to get your news.

Our last story is another sad story about the destructive power of stupidity. A true WTF story. HERE is the story, you decide.

     Everybody stay safe out there and Wash Your Hands!!!

Mixin it up

So summer’s here and everybody is busy with all their “Fun Havin”, so we don’t seem to get together as regularly as the colder months. Not to mention the combination of 90+ temperatures and no AC in a 12×12 room. So we bring you a slightly stitched together show this week, so grab a cold beverage and find a shady spot to listen.

So how do you fit a human body in a cremation urn? Like THIS


Florida man is right on point this week with a completely believable explanation why all that blow was in his car  HERE


The next story is really hard to take. A pedophile creep with a 1000 year sentence gets out early. You decide HERE



We then move to a heart breaking story about two young kids gunned down for no apparent reason. This is just wrong. Read about it HERE

This sparks a discussion about the state of our current shit show.


More from Florida Man:  Must have really good AC in them hospitals, cuz you gotta start a fire to stay warm. LINK


Poor Guy…So the feds locked up a man for possessing  3000lbs of pot…except it wasn’t. Read HERE


Knuckle headed pole sitter   HERE


Evidently meth makes you really hot. Not hot looking, but as in body temperature. Lately we have seen a lot of stories about naked meth users getting arrested while naked. Case in point



If you find yourself in need of a Gynecologist in the Ukraine you might want to do a little research first. Check HERE





We end with a heart warming tale of love on the Savannah……ELEPHANT LOVE


So everybody stay cool and well ventilated…….PEACE