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Canadas’ Mexico

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This week we are exited to have Shoebee Doobee in the house!   We kick off the show with some old fashioned bitching and moaning about our local bullshit. So it goes.

Shoebee gave us some updates on Red Hot Roxy, his drag racing car, and his upcoming races.

Red Hot Roxy

We sneaked a story about a porch pirate (Dirty Thief) in Colorado who decided that nothing is off limits for stealing, and just snatched a family cat off the front porch!

Colorado porch pirate steals cat

HERE is a link to the Ever Trending Podcast so you can check them out

Now to the Florida Man feature we usually start off with concerning not only Florida, but a Bad Cop who finally got his  comeuppance!

Former deputy Zachary Wester convicted on drug planting charges, taken to jail in handcuffs

Our next story involves what some would call a very bad thing, and some would call a harmless prank. I guess I would not want to be dosed without my permission. Poor Gal.

Soldier Charged After She Allegedly Served Weed Cupcakes to Troops During Live-Fire Training


Parlayvoo humma humma?

How to use yet in a sentence

Guess what time it is…..It’s TURD TIME!!!

The Largest Fossilized Human Turd Ever Found Came From a Sick Viking

On your mark, get set BUZZ…or not…

Two women steal a beer bucket full of charitable sex toys

Alabama. It’s like Florida without a sense of humor.

Alabama lifts ban on teaching yoga in public schools but still bars ‘namaste’

I thought that you weren’t supposed to eat before surgery because of the anesthesia, I guess it was to prevent a fire!

Patient’s Fart Causes Fire During Surgery

We get to our Psychological studies tat went south and we finish with the the super sad story of what happens when you force your theories into practice on people who have no way to defend themselves from your bullshit ideas. This poor guy never really had a chance.

David Reimer and John Money Gender Reassignment Controversy: The John/Joan Case

We want to thank Shoebee for dropping in and spreading his special sauce, and as always, we want to thank everyone who puts up with this nonsense. All of our listeners, and Mrs. Pants, who keeps the kid entertained while we play in the basement. Be sure to check out the Podcasts We Listen To page and give some of them a chance. Now, go do something productive! S.E.



Got Beef?

This week we have a pretty basic show with a North Dakota slant. Of course we still have some “Funky Florida” shit, with the odd dipshit/fuckhead story. For the complete audio from the show you can get it HERE

Shanty gets a chance to have a cocktail, and join in the fun. We started a new page dedicated to the Podcasts that we listen to, and will be adding links as we find them. We will share your show, if we like it. Send us your links to happyhrnews@gmail.com or to sanchez@happyhournewsteam.com. Of course you can leave a voice message by calling 701-369-0029. Don’t forget we’ve got a youtube channel HERE

Lets get atter! Our first story is about a Florida Man who REALLY loves animals. Miniature horses to be specific.

Florida man allegedly had sex with miniature horse 4 times

We head north to our neck of the woods to look at some knuckle heads who decided to do the old “Grab and Go” from the local farm and ranch store. I hope they didn’t sacrifice their freedom for pig worming paste!

Shoplifting and pursuit incident in Dickinson lands three in jail

While we’re up here, lets check out what happens when North Dakota Nice, turns into”Get on the ground, motherfucker!”

Caught on camera: Mandan, ND, mom holds peeping Tom suspect at gunpoint

Sometimes, something is just not funny.

Bond set at $25,000 for man accused of planting suspicious object

So we leave the Big Prairie with this story about what is appropriate for the primary school classroom.

Teacher has 5th grade students in ND reenact George Floyd arrest
Florida Bank Robbery Suspect Used Taxicab as Getaway Car

So, how does a 15 year old girl get to this place?

15-year-old girl pleads guilty to murder in death of Uber Eats driver

Just a-swingin yer meat! Just about the perfect Walmart story!

Woman Busted For Ground Beef Battery

Here is the Fuckhead/Shitstick part of the show. This HalfWit/DumbFuck has an employee, kill another employee, so he won’t have to pay her back wages. Fuck Me!

Sub shop owner allegedly has employee killed to avoid paying back wages

This next one is gross even by my standards, and I have very low standards!

Texas woman wakes up to find blood dripping on her from the ceiling

So for our final story is from our series on psychological studies gone south. This one is a little different, as this was actually an accepted practice. This weeks subject is Gay Aversion Therapy, and it was horrific! Back in the day, being gay was considered a mental illness, and you could get sent to an asylum, or prison, or worse, BYU! Just to leave this with you, the company that made the equipment that was designed to “Cure You” is still in business!

Shock the Gay Away: Secrets of Early Gay Aversion Therapy

Well, that should make you glad that the world has moved on.

That’s it for this week, be sure to check out our podcast links page, and give them some love. And remember………USE YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!…………………..S.E.

Bubble Guts


What a week! We were asked to be guests on the Law Offices Of Quibble Squabble And Bicker, and had a regulation blast! We did it on Zoom, and that was a learning experience! I would highly recommend checking them out at their website HERE. You can watch the whole shebang below. We show up at about the 29 minute mark.

We recorded our show on the following night, and yours truly was suffering what us old farts call a”Hershey Squirt Hangover”. Hence, the title of the episode. You can here the full podcast by CLICKING HERE

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Shanty does ALL of the heavy lifting on our podcast, and has been able to self-teach himself how to use the different software, and do-hicky’s we use to glue this mess together and get it out to all of you in Podcast Land. So when I attempt to do shit, I usually fuck something up. This week it was the audio from our interview. We wanted to bring you some clips from the show, but I didn’t have all of my dongles dongling in the right dongler.    On to the links.



Shanty got a T-Shirt and a bunch of stickers and koozies from the crew over at The Drunkle Podcast Be sure to check them out!

Our first story is a Florida Man, but takes place in the pacific northwest. It seems that in Florida, crime only pays if you’re willing to travel. I wonder if they masked up for the flight?

Florida man flew to Portland to break into women’s cars at day cares, parks and gyms, then steal IDs

Next we look at the phenomena of “High Meat” which consists of letting meat get really, really rotten, then eating it. I’m wondering if maybe there is confusion with food poisoning?

People are Eating Rotten, Raw Meat to ‘Get High’ in Dangerous Online Trend

Next, we head back up to the north west for a story that can be told differently, depending on what you were doing when it all went down.

Oregon man tosses lit firework at woman, sets 4 U-Hauls, hapless gas thief on fire

What do you do for good luck? Rub a babies head? Rabbits foot? Maybe toss a hand full of change into the engine of the jet you are about travel in.

Flight Canceled After Man Arrested for Throwing 6 Coins Into Plane Engine for Good Luck

Shanty brought up the out of control Chinese rocket that was hurtling through space waiting to crash into the earth. Update!! It crashed.

Huge Chinese Rocket Falls to Earth over Arabian Peninsula

Rocky Mountain High—Colorado, the land of legal weed, and mummified cult leaders.

Cult Leader Found Mummified in Colorado Home, Seven Arrested

I guess when these people say “Mow Your Lawn”, you had better mow your fucking lawn!

Court Upholds City’s $30,000 Fine for Florida Man’s Overgrown Lawn


We try to include an asshole in every episode for balance, so here is this weeks shitbag….

Man accused of sending explicit photo of missing woman to her family

This next story gives a whole new slant on “Getting Shitfaced”

Man Arrested At Kid Rock’s Bar For Removing Colostomy Bag And Swinging It Around

We had a poor guy story, now here’s a poor gal story. And a What The Fuck story, AND a dirt bag story, all in one.

Woman Dies After Suicidal Man Accidentally Falls On Her After Jumping Off Building

So that’s where we left it. I fucked up the audio that was supposed to finish out the show, so Shanty finished it off with a little tunage.

We really want to thank the guys from Quibble Squabble And Bicker for asking us to join them. And we also want to thank YOU! We do this show for fun, but it really does matter that somebody listens. Thank You………………………………Peace………………………………….S.E.

If at first.it doesn’t work……PANIC!!!

Well, we had a blast this week doing a live show, but yours truly  ended up at the controls and somehow made the audio recording unusable. So, this week we bring you an episode of Campfire Stories. Take it easy, grab a drink, and listen to the ramblings of the HHNT crew and friends as we spin the yarns of our past. You can listen HERE

We are working on doing more livecasts, as long as we can get our equipment to play nice with each other. Give us a shout and tell us what you think. 701-369-0029, or happyhrnews@gmail.com, and sanchez@happyhournewsteam.com. We really would like some feedback, so we can bring you the content you want to hear!

So-long for this week, and remember to keep up with your favorite podcasts, and throw them some love!   ……………..PEACE!          S.C.