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Cinco De-Drinko “Tequila Makes My Brain Fall Out”

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This week we are in the Good Idea Studio drinking tequila and bringing you “The News You

Didn’t Know You Needed” Lets get this thing started!

First on the list is a perfect example of how interfering with nature is a bad idea. Do ‘t feed wild animals that wander into your neighborhood!

Toddler hospitalized in critical condition after coyote attack

Next we head to Florida for another cautionary tale. While it may sound like fun, dosing unsuspecting bystanders with ANY mind altering substances is never a good idea!

Cops: Bride, Caterer Spiked Food With Pot

You are in the dentists office for a simple procedure. You’re not even going to need Novocaine! You’re laying back listening to the sound of the drill vibrating your skull, when the doctor suddenly stops and gives you the kind of look that says FUCK!!!

‘You inhaled it’: Man inhales drill bit during dental visit

Back in Florida, be aware that it’s alligator mating season!

‘Walkers beware!’: Hot, hungry alligators are taking lonely strolls in Florida

So, evidently driving on the beach is a thing?

Pinellas deputy drives over woman on St. Pete Beach, Sheriff’s Office says

So, is everything bad that happens to us someone else’s fault? If I trip over my shoelaces, can I sue the maker of the laces?  HMMM………

Visitor sues Hawaii hotel after beach recommendation

And Shanty was right. There was a bunch of cancelled flights!

50+ More Hawaii Flights Cancelled

And talk about suing the wrong person, this lawyer just figured he couldn’t sue anybody else!

Car owner who left Jeep at dealership gets sued after worker dies during oil change

Happy Drinking Everybody!!

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