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This week we are both in the Good Idea Studio, bringing you the “News You Didn’t Know You Needed”

March is the “420” month and this year instead of tokin, this person got broken!

500 lbs. of marijuana scattered on interstate during crash on 4/20, troopers say

So, it seems that farts stink more in the shower!

Farts definitely smell worse in the shower, but it’s not because of what you ate

In Florida public masturbation is so common, the news barley covers it.

Man accused of exposing himself at Wawa gas station in St. Pete

As a public service, we want you to know that if it is causing you to damage internal organs, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Man Masturbated So Hard He Tore A Lung And Required Intensive Hospital Care

To be honest, I don’t know what the deal is with NFT’s. Mostly, why?

Guy Buys NFT For $2.9 Million, Asks for $48 Million, Is Offered $3600

A couple of notes on this next story.

First, make sure that there is room in the freezer, second, make sure the freezer is leak-proof, third, make sure the storage unit has electricity, and lastly, PAY THE STORAGE RENT!!

Georgia man accused of placing grandma in freezer — while still alive — after fall last year

We still don’t know what this lady has died from, but –don’t let cops baptize you on the side of the road!

Woman who said deputy coerced her into baptism found dead

I wonder what these people would have done to this kid 200 years ago?

Baby born with two penises has larger one chopped off by doctors

Let the CA vs FL  public masturbation contest begin!

Police come 40 minutes after public masturbator does

I think it’s a good thing they don’t have a pet badger!

Cops: Cat Used As Weapon In Domestic Battery

That’s it for this week. We will try to iron out our sound issues this week, and as always,

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