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Double Dog Dare

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This week we start off with a live-stream start that is appropriate to the title. as we dared each other to get through a show without a major fuck up. Frozen in North Dakota! Thanks to all of those who stuck with us, and didn’t give up on us.

550 Miles across Montana!

My advise is don’t open other peoples packages!

Cops: Daughter Battered Dad In Sex Toy Dispute

I don’t know, but doesn’t it seem like way too many of these creepo’s have something to do with religion, or are some kind of Preacher?

Florida Man, Teacher At Grace Community Church, Arrested On Child Porn Charges

Ah, public masturbation….When in doubt…Whip it out!!!

Southwest Passenger Arrested for Masturbating FOUR Times During Flight

This company in Cyprus is offering Masturbation Pods for employees. Perhaps the airlines should consider an extra space for this?

Company Offers Employees Pods To Masturbate In, Complete With VR Headsets

I am not sure if one can simply flick ones frozen nipples off, but one can surely add some on!

Teen Claims Nipples Fell Off After ‘Freezing’ Them With Body Spray in Dare

When it comes to dares, and other just plain stupid fads, or “Challenges” as they are known, it would seem that there is no limit to just how stupid it gets!

Most Dangerous, Foolish, Mean TikTok Trends & Challenges

This is a little unconventional, and the tiara is a little much.

Fans Of Slain Rapper Shocked His Body Was Displayed At Nightclub

It would seem that this fad is really catching on.

DEAD WEIRD The rise of bizarre ‘extreme embalming’ where corpses are put into lifelike poses so they can go to their own funerals

Life is full of “What ifs” What if she was able to choose her own numbers? What if 400 rabid monkeys flew out of her butt? What if she bought Pokemon cards instead?

Woman wins $10M lottery prize after being ‘pushed’ into buying scratch-off ticket

We want to give a special thanks to our old pals El Gato Del Rio for making their music available to us, and for being “Cool” If you have time, check them out on YouTube, or head over to their website and have a look around.

Cee You Next Thursday!    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$PEACE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$S.E.

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