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Our first story comes to us from Utah. Nothing hidden on this guy.

Utah sex offender arrested after greeting trick-or-treaters in the nude, police say

If this next item is real, the world has a serious problem. I personally think it’s a hoax.

Sewing needles found in Halloween candy, police in Ohio say

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, people like this should not be allowed to roam wild in a free society.

Woman Pointed Gun at 7-Year-Old Child Who Was Trick-or-Treating: Deputies
It’s Huge!

Not only is getting health care in America expensive, NOT getting it is also expensive!!

Woman billed $700 after sitting in ER waiting room for 7 hours, leaving without treatment

Lets welcome back a Florida man who just can’t seem to figure it out. You might recognize him.

More Trouble For “Florida Man” Poster Boy

This one is the stuff of nightmares!  Jeesh!!


Pensacola woman crashes party, exposes private parts to children, says Escambia Sheriff’s Office

Drunk much? These two are!

Two arrested after officers spot man riding hood of a car driving 80 mph

This next story is both heroic and sad in that a young woman was sold into the sex trade, and a young man lost his life. The hero is the guy that killed said young man. The young woman was his daughter, and the young man sold her. End of story. End of his anyway.

Father accused of killing daughter’s boyfriend for allegedly selling her to sex trafficking ring

Sometimes things happen the way they should. His sentence is about average for a first DUI offense. Did not mention any other charges.

Deputy who drove drunk with children fired in Cass County

The Boy Scout Motto “Be Prepared”

This guy got elected from prison

Jailed Murderer Wins Public Office in D.C. Election with Five Inmate Candidates from Same Prison

Are ya hungry? Are ya broke? Do ya need a shopping scooter at the grocery store? Do ya like Lobster? This guy has all the boxes checked.

Man allegedly attempts to steal 100 lobster tails from Coral Gables Publix

You can’t shoot someone just because they stole your property. At least not in Minnesota.

Man charged with assault after tracking down, shooting person who allegedly stole his van

What a way to ruin your life early.

Two students charged with killing Iowa teacher

In this crazy, Topsy-turvey, high stress world we live in, and our dependence on delivery services such as Amazon, I think having a Hooker in your van is OK!!!

Amazon driver fired after scantily-clad woman filmed leaving the back of his van


Are Jellyfish Immortal?

That’s it for this week. Everybody take care, and y’all come back now, ya hear? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<PEACE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>S.E.

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