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Total Chaos At 100!!!

100th episode. Special thanks to the guys at QSBLaw.org for helping us out on this one. Definitely not a normal episode, but a gas none the less.

100 weeks ago we sat down at the Pants family kitchen table and made our 1st podcast. Neither of us had any clue how to do it. A couple of USB microphones, a laptop, and some pretty shaky software to get everything to mesh, and viola! We were internet sensations! In our minds. A couple of guys from the freezing shithole of Hoth (Star Wars reference) AKA North Dakota, drinking whiskey, and talking shit. Who would have thought it would go for a hundred weeks? We have made some pretty good podcasting friends along the way, and had some really interesting guests visit with us to round things out. I would like to thank Mrs. Pants for putting up with our nonsense, and a HUGE thanks to Shanty Pants for the time he puts in editing and taking care of the minutia that comes with all of this stuff. If it wasn’t for the hard work he puts in this, it would not exist.

I don’t know what the next 100 weeks will bring, but we will continue to bring you the news you didn’t know you needed!


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