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This week we start out with a Florida man who just wanted a better “Roomie”

Florida Man Knocks Out Cellmates Teeth, “Farts Too Much And Doesn’t Courtesy Flush”

I’m getting a peep-hole! And, is a puck a cylinder?

Bismarck man accused of hitting person in face with concrete cylinder

If your wondering about the whole concrete cylinder thing—

This next story is a combination of Poor Guy, and Weird Animal Fact. I’ll take my bacon extra crispy please.

Tapeworms found in man’s brain years after he ate feces-tainted food

It’s gonna get dark in here. How can you think that nobody will notice that your baby just vanishes!!!

Parents charged after infant’s body found in bedroom wall

Who is creepier, the person who borrows a sex toy, or the one who loans it?

Cops: Woman Stabbed Cousin When He Asked Her To Return Borrowed Sex Toy

I didn’t know I stabbed him, but I put the knife in the trash.

North Dakota woman sentenced 7 years in prison for fatally stabbing boyfriend in groin

Our favorite South Dakota douche bag may get impeached and fired.

Special session begins formal process to investigate, impeach South Dakota AG


Family Sues After Loved One’s Corpse Falls Out of Casket
Terminally ill man arrested for ‘mooning’ at speed camera

But, is it a tail? Or is it a weird growth with a ball on the end? And what is up with the hair on this baby’s butt?

Baby In Brazil Born With 12-Centimeter-Long “True” Human Tail


Weird Animal Of The Week.

What is a Tardigrade?

That’s it for this week. Stay weird and don’t get any on ya! ++++++++++++++PEACE++++++++++++S.E.

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