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This week as always, we come to you from the Good Idea Studio with another foray into the land of questionable behavior. Welcome back, and happy Fathers day to all of our Daddy types out there!

Lets get this train on the tracks!

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Florida Man: Just your average 105 mile jet-ski ride.

Florida Exec Wanted for Fraud Is Nabbed on a Jet Ski Bound for Cuba

Cats,cats, and more cats. The SMELL!!!

Agents rescue 47 cats from extreme heat while living in car with owner

It was suggested that we do a West Virginia Man story to see if they could compete with Florida, well here you go.

West Virginia man charged with sex crimes; Did too extreme sexual acts to post the details online

I guess if enough people are afraid of you, they will let you steal anything they want.

Thieves make off with 20 freight containers with gold and silver ore from Mexican port

And cops think that their job is dangerous!

Vlogger Dies After Eating Geckos And Centipedes Live On Air

I am suspecting a little virtue signaling here. What a great guy!

Man Praised For Taking Terminally Ill Friend’s Virginity

As an ex-school janitor, I can testify that floor sealer does in fact, look very much like milk.

Alaskan elementary school accidentally served floor sealant instead of milk to a dozen children

If you’re a drunk, then you should probably not be driving a school bus, or attending court during drinking hours!

Flagler school bus driver admits he’s impaired at DUI hearing

If you’re looking at jail in Macon Co. Georgia, don’t try to hide anything in your cooch. It will be found!

Gun & Drugs Found Inside Woman After Arrest

Spitting on living people is assault. Spitting on a dead body during a funeral is just stupid, and a felony. At least in Texas.

Woman charged with felony after spitting on corpse in casket at funeral home

I think this is a pretty good way to ship your goods. If the pigeon gets caught, just get another! And yes, pigeon is delicious!

Pigeon Caught With 178 Ketamine Pills In Backpack

And because Shanty Pants asked for it…This!

This is just sad.

Man arrested for leaving flowers on fiancee’s grave found guilty of littering


Cocaine Bear: The True Story Behind the Ultimate Party Animal

Giraffs are one of the strangest animals.

Male giraffes will headbutt females to see if they are ready

That closes out this weeks shenanigans. Once again we want to thank everyone for dropping in and giving us some of your time.


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