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Double Dog Dare

You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com, or leave a voicemail/text at 701-204-8554 This week we start off with a live-stream start that is appropriate to the title. as we dared each other to get through a show without a major fuck up. Frozen in North Dakota! Thanks to all of those who stuck with us, […]

The Wheels On The Bus—–Come Off

You can contact us by email at happyhrnews@gmail.comĀ  or leave a message/text at 701-369-0029 This week we have the one, the only Shoebee Doebee in the Good Idea Studios! He brought his other half, Dana, who was gifted the worst nickname I’ve heard on the show yet! Worth checking out for that alone. Of course, […]

The Struggle Is Real

What a shit-show! The whole week has been weird! First I got an email from a copyright troll company wanting me to “Pay Up” for an image I used for a link to a story in February, and on Thursday night, we had the band the Parishables from Pittsburgh on the podcast and everything that […]

Are You A Model Citizen?

You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.comĀ  or call at 701-369-0029. We have stickers if you want them! It looks like we might be getting the hang of this Live Streaming thing. We barely had any problems this week. Our first story was about a Florida Man who just can’t seem to understand that people don’t […]

Bad Neighbors

You can contact us at happyhrnews@gmail.com or leave a voice message/text at 701-369-0029 This week we do our 2nd official live-cast from the good idea studio with tales of wonder and amazement! No, really! Here puppy, puppy, puppy FUCK RUSSIA!!! What’s In The Box!?!?! We did this story about a rental scam and this is […]