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Well it looks like the heat wave is over, and Fall is in the air. It’s just yours truly, Sanchez, and the Pants Family this week as Shoobs is busy with work.

We start with a look at the Florida Brain Trust, with a story about 3 geniuses who couldn’t resist the lure of easy money.

From left, Zion Odain Denvor Hall, Yrek Williams and Tremaine Raekwon Hill are facing charges in about 30 residential burglaries in South Florida.

Next we go to a nightmare story about a young lady who was almost embalmed, and found to be alive! WTF!!! I mean— Come On!



20-year-old Timesha Beauchamp was about to be in the embalming process when the funeral home employee discovered that she was alive.

Then we get to Utah where a woman was arrested for trying to poison her roomie with nasty bacteria she bought on the dark net. Who do you trust?

Utah woman goes to prison for buying bacteria to infect roommate already in poor health

We stay in Salt Lake and talk about a pervy foot rubber who got tired of the toes and moved up to bigger and better things.

Hong Guang Lin, 63, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on Monday for investigation of object rape and two counts of forcible sexual abuse.

And then,….Well….This Shit!

Mother, 64, And Son, 43, Charged With Incest


And then a story about a foot doctor who likes to “Get Huffy With It” (Something about feet this week)

St. Augustine podiatrist accused of huffing and driving has third run-in with police since Monday

Finally we get to a story about a guy who told police he was shot, by somebody, else, not him, because he’s not supposed to have a gun.

Man arrested after shooting self and lying about it

Shanty Pants takes us out with an “Animals Who Get High” story


Of course, as always, we wish all our listeners good health and happiness. Have a great long weekend, and BE SAFE!

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