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Reagan Was A Douchebag

Tis week Shoobs and Dana are back in the house as we sweat it out in the Good Idea Studio on a hot August night.

We start with Florida Man. This is a bad one. A couple of low IQ decide that taking too long to serve a burger is reason to get shot

A woman who was upset that her Burger King order took too long got a man to come to the restaurant and shoot one of the employees

Then we somehow got on to Ronald Reagan and the the way he deployed chemical weapons against student protesters in the 1960’s


The photograph shows a National Guard helicopter as it flies by the Campanile on the University of California, Berkeley campus spraying tear gas on demonstrators in Sproul Plaza. Several thousand people appeared on campus at for a memorial honoring James Rector, the student who had been killed in the initial riot The National Guard had been ordered by Governor Ronald Reagan to break up the campus gathering sparked by controversy over People’s Park.

Then on to a lighter note, we learn about the installation of weed vending machines in Colorado. Maybe 2020 won’t be totally fucked.


Weed lovers in Colorado can now get their favourite products more easily after the state welcomed the first marijuana vending machines. Located in Pueblo, the machines can accommodate up to 2000 cannabis products each.

Then we work to convince The Shanty Pants that there are car vending machines, where you stick in a coin, and buy a car.



Pick up your car at one of our Vehicle Vending Machines and experience the new way to buy a car.

We move to a story about a kid who was trying to serve up a little neighborhood refreshment, and got robbed at gun point for his effort.

PEORIA, ILLINOIS (WEEK) — It was on Friday when two 13-year-old boys running a lemonade stand were robbed, apparently at gunpoint, in Peoria’s East Bluff.

I will just let this story tell itself.

Just in case you don’t have enough stupid, worthless shit, I bring you this.

I brought up the story about the current administrations effort to allow higher flow shower heads. Do we really need this?



Trump Rewrites Rules On Showerheads Amid Growing Water Crisis

next, we get just weird/sick with a story about a special “Menage au Trois”

Bubba is likely to find a new home after a behavioural assessment

So Facebook is fact checking claims made on their platform, and removing the dangerous ones. Is this censorship? I think not.

The Vaccine-Autism Myth Started 20 Years Ago. Here’s Why It Still Endures Today

Poor Guy— A British man who suffered a rare blood infection that made his cock fall off is having a new one grown on his arm. EEEWW, GROSS!

father who lost his penis due to a severe blood infection became the first man to have a new “living” one built on his arm – and is soon set to have it rebuilt.

So there you go. Peace.

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