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Gods Rods

This week we have a mixed bag of Florida Man, and WTF?

We start off with a story about a fellow who wants the children to be informed as to where they come from.


What a cutie! Tell ’em all about it

Then we move to Oregon with a story about demolition derby driver who took his show on the road, literally.


California driver allegedly hits 26 cars in 40 miles 

Then we get to our science? subject about some shit I was pretty skeptical  about, and found out that it was not only true, it is really nasty. Imagine a 20 foot long tungsten rod hurtling toward earth faster than the speed of sound, and releasing its energy in a giant explosion using only gravity! Well fuck me!



Kinetic Bombardment uses no explosives, does maximum damage.

Of course this led us into a whole discussion about taxes, Social Security, and the true nature of our countrys’ beginnings.


This was the internet of the 60’s

Then it’s back to Florida with a story about a gun toting gent with a serious buzz and an attitude. The look on his face speaks volumes.


Get Outta My Way!!

So that’s life this week from the geographic center of North America.  Keep your loved ones close, and be careful out there!    PEACE!

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