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Brand new year, brand new guests. This week we welcomed my nephew Chad from Colorado, to shed some shit on old Sanchez Eldorado. But first lets get to some stories.

First we check out a Florida Man!! This guy should have listened closer in law school when they covered the part about smuggling dope into a jail!

Florida attorney accused of soaking papers with cocaine to bring to inmates

I think that the headline should say “Threw Jars”

Florida women charged with felony after glitter thrown at man during argument

Ah Florida, you are so forgiving. So tolerant. If this guy acted this way in ND, he would have to register as a sex offender, and go to some kind of snowman sensitivity training!

Probation For Man Who Violated Stuffed Unicorn, “Frozen” Doll Inside Target Store

In another update, we revisit the story of a Vegas man caught with a dismembered body in a pickup. Well, he’s got to have some kind of excuse!

Man caught driving with severed head could just be a ‘hapless car thief,’ his lawyer said

OK, the next time somebody tells you that the cops are here to help, remember this story. Can you say “Sadism”?

A cop slapped a suicidal hospital patient. Then the video emerged.

This next one is truly bizarre! I don’t know who trained these police officers, but there should be a line of people getting the shit slapped out of them after this. This is an example of cowardice, and ignorance, not to mention sheer stupidity that led to the death of this man. Watch both videos.

Investigation into the Death of Jason Jones

That covers the regular stuff we do, and for the second half of the show we talk to the nephew of yours truly, Sanchez Eldorado, where he gives a little history of the old one. We discussed some philosiphy, some science, and even looked at a couple of news stories like  this one.

Florida man stops to charge ankle monitor while committing a crime, faces grand theft auto

And this one (More dumbass cop stuff)

Report alleges Florida deputy filmed naked man at gunpoint for hours

And here’s one just because

We did it on the phone, so it’s a little rough on the audio side of things, but we got through it just the same. He is a wonderful guy, and his uncle is very proud of him, as he, like all of us had plenty of opportunity to take darker paths, but chose a bright one.

That’s it for this week. Check back for updates, as things are always fluid in this world in which we live.


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