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Congratulations  to the Pants Family on the birth of our Executive Producer!

Newest member of the HHNT family “Spud” Pants

We start off in Florida with some “Sex In The Sink” gone wrong.

Criminal Charge For Breaking Sink During Sex

While we’re in Florida, what do you get when you combine a dead racoon, pink lip-stick, and oil? If you’re this woman, you get arrested!

Cops: Woman, 76, Targeted Ex-Beau And His New Girlfriend In Auto Vandalism Spree

Capitalism is the back bone of our way of life. One of the things that capitalism provides is the ability to innovate, invent, and maximize  the potential for a productive and profitable life.

With realization that cannabis is not the evil scourge claimed by previous generations, this group have made something truley amazing!

The world’s largest THC-infused brownie weighs 850 lbs

This guy can fucking rot!

Josh Duggar found guilty of federal child pornography charges

I’ve seen some pretty weird shit, but I’ve never seen this. I’ve got questions.

Woman reportedly caught breastfeeding cat on Delta Airlines flight

This next guy might want to PUT THE PIPE DOWN!!!

(See clown at top of page)


Man Claimed “Big Snake” Invited Him To Enter Neighbor’s Home At 2 AM, Cops Report

Did someone commit a burglary and hide the money in the wall expecting to retrieve at a later date, or does a crooked con-man hide the money and report a burglary?

Money found in wall of Joel Osteen’s Houston church; $600,000 reported stolen 7 years ago

This guy is a real hero!

Maybe this next guy was trying to make weight loss waffles?

Cops: Side Of Meth Served At Waffle House

Would you want your child bullied into eating food from a garbage can?

School worker accused of forcing 4th grader to eat food out of garbage can

I would like to invite this next guy down to our part of the state and try pushing me down for chucking snowballs!

Douglas man strikes plea deal in assault on child over snowball fight

I ran across this item while doing r “Research” on a new segment regarding old-timey medical cures. It was just too funny not to share, Be sure to click as many links as you can!

Cock Crutch!

Thats it for this week, be sure to keep coming back as we have a record of changing shit up at any time. And once again I want to congratulate the Pants family on the arrival of their  Special Spud.


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