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If you have listened to our show, you know that the language we use is not the kind you would hear in church. It is, however the kind you would hear in a bar. Or on any street corner in America. We at Happy Hour News Team want to bring our listeners nothing but the finest in podcast listening enjoyment. We have made several YouTube videos with no problems. Until now. For some reason our content has become “Age Restricted” and must be viewed with the restricted mode turned off in the YouTube settings. Without this mode disabled, you cannot even see the listings of our videos on our channel page, which you can find HERE

Our 1st story is from Florida. No shit. It reminds me of the joke where the guy goes into the bank and says”Every body put your robbing hands in the air, this is a fuck-up!”

Deputies: Florida man arrested for attempting to rob Waffle House with finger guns

Next, a nice story for a change. This guy has every reason to be smiling!

World’s first double arm transplant man now in France with new wife in ‘silver lining’


Back to Florida. This guy needs therapy or a flea collar or something!

Man Beaten After Catching Boyfriend “Humping” Their Dog, Police Report

It turns out that even in North Dakota there are evil, wicked, no good for anything people. This woman needs to be sterilized. No more kids for her. As of this posting, her name has not been made public. I think I know why.

Bismarck woman arrested for leaving infants home alone for 24 hours

This old man in Ohio must not like music much.

Dad shoots son after refusing to stop playing guitar

That last guy should be glad he isn’t married to this woman!

Woman Accused Of Dismembering Husband’s Body, Collecting Benefits

Would you believe this story comes out of Florida?

Altamonte Springs Drug Rehab Owner Charged with Selling Fentanyl

“High”Noon. HaHa!

FHP: 19-year-old drank ‘High Noon’ before rear-ending trooper in Tampa


The next story became too shitty to finish. You decide

Assault Victim Curses at Former Teacher Convicted of Sexual Battery As He’s Sentenced to Prison

Either this next person is a man, or the absolutely ugliest woman in the fucking WORLD!!!

Jordan alleges Iran’s women’s soccer team goalkeeper is a man

Well I was drinking and got a little lost on this story, but, this sentence is why young men think they will get away with forced rape! Sadly, no picture.

Man who raped four teenagers gets no jail time, judge says: ‘Incarceration isn’t appropriate’

For the weird animal facts portion of the show, Shanty introduced us to the “Dugong” which turns out NOT to be a Manatee. That’s why we do this shit!

Well that’s it for this week and as always###############PEACE#################S.E.

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