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It’s Never Too Early

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This week we welcome the C.E.O. of HHNT to the Good Idea Studio to help us do the intro to the show. As you can hear by her higher intellect, and superior speaking skills, she was a shoo-in for the position.

We kick things off with some info about our favorite recording software.

Audacity Faces Backlash Following Controversial Update to Its Privacy Policy

Next is an update on the guy who was “Jerkin His Gerkin” and “Placin His Pickle” in public.

Guilty Plea In Pervy Public Pickle Packing

I don’t have a problem with people believing weird religious stuff, but c’mon, test drive Jesus some other way!

Woman let ‘God take the wheel’ as test of faith in high-speed Ohio crash, police say

I have looked at this next story a couple of times, and still am not sure how this woman got into this predicament. What a way to go!

Naked Woman Rescued In California After Becoming Wedged Between Two Buildings


Shanty brought up “Baby “Jessica”, the little girl who fell into a well in the 80’s.

Baby Jessica 30 Years Later: ‘My Life Is a Miracle’


Keeping up with the theme of “Poor Fuckers”, we look at how an investigation can become so narrowly focused on 1 person, evidence is ignored to convict him instead of finding out the truth.

Falsely Accused: Man spends months in jail despite video showing he wasn’t at crime scene

We would like to welcome our friend from West Virginia to the world of podcasting, and we’re not just saying that because he is a fan of our show, well…..Maybe a little. His name is Joe, and his podcast is called The Dumbass Report. Check it out!

In the second half of our show we fawned over our new podcast hero Greg Petix, who does the Fantasy Comic Book Editor League, and like us, Greg likes to have a sip or three on occasion.

We want to give a shout out to Glassakwards, a local artisan who is KICKIN IT!

It looks like old Tiger Joe is in the news again.

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic’s prison sentence was just vacated by a federal appeals court
Joe Exotic on the hunt for new husband with ‘The Bachelor King’ contest

Well,  it was Walmart, right?

Woman, 70, repeatedly punched by teenage Walmart employee

You’ve heard of snakes on a plane, well how about under your bed!

Woman finds 18 snakes under her bed after she saw ‘a tiny piece of fuzz’ move

It must be nice to have a job where you can flash a gun in a courtroom and not just get fired. Oh, wait, it was a judge. Well I’m certainly glad that there are not different tiers of justice.

Winnebago County Judge Scott Woldt suspended for seven days for multiple instances of misconduct

That’s what we got for this week. Don’t forget to listen to your favorite podcasts when you can, and please, remember,   SMILE!              PEACE…………………………………S.E.

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