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Birds Aren’t Real!!??

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This week we have conspiracies, meth addicted trout, dopey flowers, and some Florida Fun!

We start off in Fla. with an ex-cop who tried to teach a lesson, ended up with the tables turned.

Former Florida Police Officer Sent to Prison For Forcing Teens to Strip and Run Naked to Avoid Arrest

This next story is a good example as to how confirmation bias works. Evidently, all you have to do is 1. make up some bad sounding random bullshit thing, and  2. Blame Barrack Obama, and Presto! You’ve got a bunch of Wakadoodles coming to rallies, and forming think tanks. What a wonderful world.

Birds Aren’t Real: The Hot New Conspiracy Theory Taking America By Storm

Next we find out that you can become possessed by demons over the phone. What the actual fuck!?

US priest: Exorcisms on the rise as demons now haunt victims by text

This one just isn’t right. What has happened to people? Not even able to apologize. “We stand behind our actions”. I know 4 year olds with more character than these yahoos.

‘Disgrace’: Wife upset after first responders leave husband’s naked body in yard for hours

We welcome The Fabulous Mrs. Pants to the second half, and do some pregnancy math.

We move on to a story that is kinda scary.  It seems that some plants will have adverse effects just by smelling them. Be careful where you shove your nose!

TikTok User Smells Pretty Flower, Accidentally Doses Herself With “World’s Scariest Drug”

And just for giggles

All I can say about this next story is that I sure never had a guard like this one!

Corrections officer convicted in California for ‘Depraved’ sex with a detainee in front of other inmates.

This gives a whole new meaning to the “Happy” in Happy Meal.

Mom Finds Drugs Inside Child’s McDonald’s Happy Meal, Two Employees Charged

I had fried fish last week, and haven’t slept since.

Wild Fish Can Become Addicted to Methamphetamine in the Water

Thanks for sticking with us through this nonsense, and make sure that you take a look at our feed page and check out some of our older episodes. Or not……………….PEACE!………..S.E.

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