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Summer has arrived in ND and is it ever HOT! I will need lots of cold beers to get me through this one!

We start off this week with a Florida Man story that confirms our theory that everybody in Florida will eventually be eaten by alligators.

‘I’m lucky it didn’t death roll:’ Florida man survives alligator bite to the head

Does the date March 30, 1981 ring any bells? That was the date our next knucklehead decided to listen to the voices in his head and shoot the President Of The United States! I wonder if those voices are giving him the lyrics for his new hustle.

Man who shot Reagan is now posting love songs online

This next story  boggles the mind with the amount of stupidity poured into the decision making process that led up to the shit show that follows—

Florida boy shot after dad helped him with paintball “drive-by”

Next we get closer to home with a story about a guy who really doesn’t get it. When you get arrested for a crime and make bond, you don’t head to the next town and re-offend. What a ShitBag!

Man out on bond for rape in Morton County now accused of raping minor in Burleigh County

So, it seems that the storm drains in some large cities are big enough to use as an escape route and wander around in for days, o weeks. Some people are all about it.

Woman found naked in Florida storm drain is rescued again!

Our next story is about as dark as it can get. A young girl cut down in a senseless act of violence. WTF! How does this even happen?

Florida cheerleader allegedly stabbed 114 times, teen suspect to be charged as adult

Ahh, Arizona, what the actual fuck? Really?

Arizona Testing Gas Chambers For Capital Punishment Using Zyklon B, Documents Show

I think that if you can have a nation-wide database of driveing records, you can have one for cops who have been fired for bad conduct.

Florida’s Worst Cop’ Was Just Fired for Misconduct—for the Seventh Time

Spiders! Music! Spider music!!!

Scientists Translated Spiderwebs Into Music, And It’s Beyond Stunning

That’s it for this week. Thanks to all for tuning in to our hour of stuff. Be good to each other, and be sure to use plenty of sunscreen! —–PEACE——S.E.

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