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Canadas’ Mexico

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This week we are exited to have Shoebee Doobee in the house!   We kick off the show with some old fashioned bitching and moaning about our local bullshit. So it goes.

Shoebee gave us some updates on Red Hot Roxy, his drag racing car, and his upcoming races.

Red Hot Roxy

We sneaked a story about a porch pirate (Dirty Thief) in Colorado who decided that nothing is off limits for stealing, and just snatched a family cat off the front porch!

Colorado porch pirate steals cat

HERE is a link to the Ever Trending Podcast so you can check them out

Now to the Florida Man feature we usually start off with concerning not only Florida, but a Bad Cop who finally got his  comeuppance!

Former deputy Zachary Wester convicted on drug planting charges, taken to jail in handcuffs

Our next story involves what some would call a very bad thing, and some would call a harmless prank. I guess I would not want to be dosed without my permission. Poor Gal.

Soldier Charged After She Allegedly Served Weed Cupcakes to Troops During Live-Fire Training


Parlayvoo humma humma?

How to use yet in a sentence

Guess what time it is…..It’s TURD TIME!!!

The Largest Fossilized Human Turd Ever Found Came From a Sick Viking

On your mark, get set BUZZ…or not…

Two women steal a beer bucket full of charitable sex toys

Alabama. It’s like Florida without a sense of humor.

Alabama lifts ban on teaching yoga in public schools but still bars ‘namaste’

I thought that you weren’t supposed to eat before surgery because of the anesthesia, I guess it was to prevent a fire!

Patient’s Fart Causes Fire During Surgery

We get to our Psychological studies tat went south and we finish with the the super sad story of what happens when you force your theories into practice on people who have no way to defend themselves from your bullshit ideas. This poor guy never really had a chance.

David Reimer and John Money Gender Reassignment Controversy: The John/Joan Case

We want to thank Shoebee for dropping in and spreading his special sauce, and as always, we want to thank everyone who puts up with this nonsense. All of our listeners, and Mrs. Pants, who keeps the kid entertained while we play in the basement. Be sure to check out the Podcasts We Listen To page and give some of them a chance. Now, go do something productive! S.E.



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