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Johnny Saturn

This week we are pleased to welcome to the Good Idea Studios the Johnny Saturn Band!  Tyler, Sam, Shane, Jake, and Danny dropped by for a few drinks, and some basement tunage, along with some HHNT fuckery, we had a regulation ball!             You can listen to audio only HERE

The whole episode is above, so lets get straight to the story links.

We start with a Florida Man story, with a Twisted Tea connection. If you have a can of Twisted Tea in your pocket, are you carrying a concealed weapon?

Florida man armed with Twisted Tea & metal pipe threatens former employer
WATCH: Twisted Tea Can Smashed Into Head of Man Who Used N-Word at Circle K

Next we move south for a story of love and stabbing. and forgetting the past.

Confused, jealous wife stabs husband after seeing her younger self in old photos

So, that’s what you get for a nickle. Not bad eh?

Once again, we want to thank The Johnny Saturn Band for dropping by and laying some Live Music on us.

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Everybody stay warm and think responsibly.      PEACE    Sanchez E.

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