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Lets Have A New Year!

This week we are in the Good Idea Studio with a small New Years Eve celebration. Tonight we welcome the one and only Shoee Doobee, along with his sweety Dana, and the neighbors Brekon and Kelly for a subdued episode we are calling “Butt Sex Drunk”.

We kick things off with a couple of voice messages from the   Happy Hour Phone Line (701-369-0029) and share the usual pleasantrys before we move on to the regular scheduled debauchery.

We begin with a couple of updates from previous stories. First we look at a gal who was trying to get the attention of her beau while on a sport around town. You can access the audio version HERE

Woman pleads not guilty to stabbing driver


Next we move a little north of here, and look at a guy who really wanted to be Facebook Friends.

Facebook Friend Request Goes Really Bad

A while ago we brought you a story about the attorney general of South Dakota hitting and killing a man on his way home from a party. Well the gears of justice grind slow in this part of the country


Prosecutors waiting on debris testing in South Dakota AG crash

We go back and touch on the Tyson managers who were fired for making book on who would be the next ones to get the Rona.

Fired Tyson boss says COVID office pool was a ‘morale boost’


We eventually get to a story about dreams fulfilled.

Mississippi woman stabs husband after dreaming he cheated, police say

It’s at this time that we finally get to Florida. A Florida Woman is our target for a story that proves size matters

Woman slips out of handcuffs four times

Then to a Florida couple who decided to “Go visit Dad”

Deltona couple accused of stealing $180K from 87-year-old man before abandoning him, moving across country

So, this guy was just browsing in the phone store, for hours, looking at kiddie porn.

Employees at the AT&T store in Boulder, Colorado, were set to close for the day on April 18 when they went to clear the history of an iPad and discovered that a customer had spent four hours searching for child porn on the tablet

And we get to the final segment where we learn about St. Olga of Kiev. A Princess to admire.

Olga Kiev: The Princess Who Buried People Alive

That’s our show for the end  of the year from Hell. All of us at Happy Hour News Team would like to thank all of the people who put up with this nonsense. Especially Mrs. Pants who gets to wrangle 4 year olds and crazy bird dogs while we have our little fun time drinking and talking bullshit. And of course we want to thank all of the people who take time to listen to this madness. From all of us to all of our listeners, have a happy, safe, healthy, and fun new year.                                 PEACE!

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