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This week we bring you some stories from Floridas’ goofy cousin Texas along with the usual bullshit conversation.

Shanty has been learning the finer points of creating some Youtube content and has been setting up the camera for the first half of the show.  Because he does ALL of the editing/preparation of the podcast alone, he doesn’t have time to edit basically 2 complete shows every week. He works really hard at this stuff and may be able to do more in the future as he learns more about the software. Anyway, drink one for The ShantyPants! Good job partner!

We kick this one off in Florida with a story about a man who wants the ladies to be aware of his presence.

Atlantic Beach man arrested for reportedly leaving feces, obscene notes in mailboxes

Next we talk about a guy who felt he needed to help keep the lights on for 114 families in his community by paying off their late power bills. Way to go Mike!

A Florida man just paid off the past dues for 114 families at risk of having their utilities shut off

I had made the comment that in Clearwater Fla. you couldnt feed homeless. It was Tampa.

In Tampa, Food Not Bombs activists arrested for feeding the homeless—again

Now we get to Texas. This knucklehead cant seem to keep his hands out of his pants even at work. Hair gel anybody?

Texas barber accused of masturbating while cutting children’s hair


We stay in Texas where they must get their water from Florida. Or maybe it’s the booze

SA man throws ax at moving train, which bounces back, hits him in head, SAPD says

We also give an update to a horrible story we brought you a couple of weeks ago. It’s too sad to go over again. If you want a link you can Google it.

While we are in Texas, we should note that when you leave the world of the living, it’s your legacy that you leave behind. Don’t assume that just because your dead, that people are going to speak kindly of you.

Charping died, the obit reads, “29 years longer than expected and much longer than he deserved.” It then notes that the man left behind “two relieved children and countless other victims.”

So be good while your alive, and don’t do what this next guy was doing. If you do, wrap it up good.

Texas man charged with indecent exposure after neighbor claims he was having sex with fence

Back to Florida we go for a story after our own heart

This drunk Florida man can’t remember carrying an alligator into a liquor store

Eventually we get back on tract with a minor political rant concerning the house vote to decriminalize cannabis. Fuck them guys.

Which bring us to the story about the data scientist in Florida fired for not going along with the governors disinformation program.

Armed police raid home of Florida scientist fired over Covid-19 data


Florida attracts the finest people in the world. Here is an example:

Pinch my nipples

Next, it’s on to the Fla. panhandle, where the men are men and the drunks piss themselves

ipNaked Silver Springs man urinates on himself during fourth battery arrest of 2020

So, we get back to good ole North Dakota for a cautionary tale about the danger of farming, Remember, safety equipment only works if you use it correctly!

Woman Dies After Drowning in a Vat of Sunflower Seeds in a North Dakota Farm

Back down to Florida where a woman decided to stuff her friends body in a 55 gal. drum, instead of reporting his death so she could use his social security

Manatee woman arrested for hiding man’s body in trash can in order to get his Social Security benefits

And at the end we get to our fucked up facts bit and discuss the good King Charles who liked to watch his nephew on his wedding night to make sure the offspring was “Fer real man”

So we bid you a fond farewell, and don’t forget to hug your “Insert adjective here” and be safe   PEACE

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