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That’s right, we have crossed the video frontier. We set up a video camera to test the youtube sphere with our shitty little podcast. We videoed the first half of this weeks show, and audio recorded the complete show. I honestly can’t remember why we didn’t video the whole thing. So, anyway, If you want to listen to the whole show you can go HERE


Our first story is about a Florida Man  who is being released from prison early (He did serve 31 years of a 90 year bit) after his marijuana import conviction was reviewed. This guy did 31 years for a pot crime!

A Florida man who has spent 31 years in prison for a nonviolent marijuana crime could soon be a free man.

Our next tale is about another Florida Man who does nice things for kids at Christmas time. Salvage Santa!!

Florida man known as ‘Salvage Santa’ repairs bikes, toys for needy children

So, we stay in Florida, where we find a guy who was walking down the beach when he found a shit ton of blow washed up, What would you do?

A walker made million-dollar find on a Florida beach, and the Border Patrol took it

We referenced a story about pigs and cocaine, you can read about it HERE

Well, it seems we aree stuck in Florida with this story about a young woman who seemed to think if you don’t show your ID, then the cops can’t find out you have a warrant for your arrest.

Taccara Nauden, 28, also accused of urinating outside jail

Lets take a journy to China for our next story about a man who really wanted an IPAD

Teen Who Sold His Kidney For iPhone Is Now Bedridden For Life

That brings us to the end of the video portion of the show, but we have more fuckery on deck so don’t go away yet!

For this next story we stay right in our own back yard. These yahoos bring a whole other meaning to family projects.

Dickinson porch pirates used their children to steal packages


We stick around the area for an update to a story we did about a local Rub-n-Tug that got shut down. Seems there are some more charges.

Human trafficking charges added in Bismarck spa investigation


Next, it’s off to Taiwan for some serious law making. Just think of the exploding heads if this happened in the U.S.

Taiwan lawmakers throw pig guts, punches in parliament debate on U.S. pork

Back down south for a story involving Carol Baskin at her big cat zoo. They’re fucking tigers! OK?

Tiger nearly tears off volunteer’s arm at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Carole Baskin says

It’s on to Texas for a story about a waitress who got denied her fat tip because NO!

Texas waitress gets $2K tip but restaurant refuses to give her a cent

So another week goes by and another one starts. Please be careful as we need our listeners to be healthy so they have enough energy to throw the toaster at whatever device you listen on. PEACE!

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