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Shoebee Doobee!

This week our old friend Shoebee drops by and joins in the madness we call a show.

We start off with a Florida Man story about a guy who “Caught a train”

Man punched his girlfriend, ran from officers and was hit and killed by train

Next is a local story about a young lady who was taking the kid for a ride, when 2 people just wouldn’t get out of the way!

Bismarck woman charged with attempted murder, child neglect

On to Connecticut where we bring you the story of a tree hugger, turned tree fondler, turned TREE FUCKER!!

Accused Tree Humper Busted On High Street

Next, we come back to old ND to prove that, while we’re nice in the upper mid-west, we’re not necessarily smart.

Man Set Bible On Fire Inside Walmart

What do you get when you cross Florida with Maine? You get a convoluted, trans gendered mixed up shit show where a guy, who identifies as a woman, also thinks he is a lesbian. I may be a bigot, but that seems like a lot of unnecessary steps!

Maine woman tried to kill Florida man and convince his wife to run away with her

We then spoke a little about the “Monolith” that was found in the desert.

Metal monolith discovered in Utah desert mysteriously disappears

We finish up with our weird facts segment about a sick bastard who built his own torture shed he called his “Toy Box”


So there ya go. It was sure nice to have Shoobs in the house. Ya all take care, and be careful out there. Danger is a lurkin!  PEACE!

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